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NBA 2K14

Official NBA 2K14 Trailer Showcases New Skills

With the king of basketball gracing the cover of the king of video game hoops, the NBA 2K series is riding high. Today's gameplay-centric trailer showcases many of the new features coming to the hardcourt this year.  

Though they are not called out specifically, you can see some of the new additions at work in this video. The myriad dunks and lay-ups speak to a renewed aggressiveness given to the AI – if a player likes to drive the lane in real life, expect them to take it to the rim in NBA 2K14. The no-look passes speak to the new pass stick functionality, which is activated by holding down the left trigger. You can also see the rewritten blocking system at work, which should make defending a much more active affair for skilled big men. Check out the footage for yourself:

Be sure to come back to the site later this week for a full rundown of everything we know about the current-gen version of NBA 2K14.

NBA 2K14 launches for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on October 2. A next-gen version is slated to appear on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at a later, anannounced date.

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  • Every year this game series looks amazing. I can't wait to play the newest installment. It's between this and Madden 25 for my first next-gen purchase.

  • I just wish you can turn the music censoring in the game off by verifying as an adult. I would rather hear the uncensored version because it makes the music feel better.

  • Still waiting on a Vita entry, complete with cross saves and a portable career mode.  Hell, they even made 2k13 for the PSP last year, and still no Vita version.  What's the problem?  

  • i wonder how live will be for its come back lol

  • I LOVED 2K12.. and just liked 13, and now kinda looking forward to 14.. Its more of the same, and the engine has aged another year.. Im actually looking forward to Live.. Need a change..

  • NBA 2K14 is going to be amazing like it is every year.

  • So refined and smooth looking,the best basketball game money can buy.Those that think they need a change i say to you go play nba live so you can see that you've been taking nba2k for granted.when you see how inferior the competition is you'll be back.Kobe putting the ball out in that guy's face then popping the jumper on's those little thing's like that which make nba2k stand out from the rest ....ATTENTION TO DETAIL.......are you listening EA SPORTS.

  • I dnt understand how 2K games still makes *** graphics on NEXT GEN CONSOLES.... I mean WTF??? Thats always been my complain. I mean they can definitely do BETTER THAN THAT.... The gameplay are always great but visually they can do sooooo much better. Cmon 2K!!!!!!

  • Can't wait for 2K14 definitely getting this for PS4 when it comes to.