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More On NBA 2K14's Euroleague Experience

Recently, 2K Sports and developer Visual Concepts announced that they would be including 14 Euroleague teams in NBA 2K14. We got a few more tidbits of info regarding the new teams direct from the publisher.

The initial announcement that 14 of the league's 24 teams are included begged the question of why almost half the league has been left out. While not a definitive answer, the publisher told us that the team focused on a specific number of teams to make sure that  the "polish and graphical integrity [was] true to our franchise's authenticity." 2K said it would "explore the possibility" of adding more Euroleague teams at a later date.

Each of the 14 Euroleague teams includes 10 real players, so you won't be getting a generic roster full of no-names. And like we initially suspected, Euroleague teams and players will only be playable in the game's Exhibition and online modes, although they can be pitted against NBA teams.

Operation Sports also uncovered that the game will use one generic Euroleague arena, but the branding on the court itself (which conforms to league-specific dimensions) will be team-specific.

The inclusion of these Euroleague teams will go more towards selling copies of the game in Europe than over here, but it's good that a franchise known for being the complete product continues to add to its game.

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  • yayyy euro league...... id rather the load time be shorter and them just not be included  

  • Interesting.

  • Although I'm sure some people actually care about this, I want to know improvements made to the game. If they don't plan on fixing the many problems from 2k13 then I'm getting NBA Live.

  • IMHO, 2K13 is a broken mess. It's one of those games that show how cocky developers could be after recent success. I'm hopping onto the Live bandwagon.
  • I don't see what people's complaints about 2k13 are they get better year after year adjust to the gameplay and stop expecting stagnation and you will be fine.

  • you know what i hope with this euro league add i hope i get to play as rudy fernandez again

  • lets just hope that they spent double the time tweaking myplayer in the right direction

  • "polish and graphical integrity [was] true to our franchise's authenticity."

    You can't just use the word 'polish' and not add a single Polish team !


  • Hope this adds some good content, seems like it will.