It's time once again for our yearly NBA, and for NBA fans, this will be a must buy. There's just really only one thing really wrong with it. It really hasn't change. Sure, there are a few changes, but it's not that different from the year before.

 The graphics are good. They are very well crafted, and look great. The sound is good. The announcers do a pretty good job. There is alot to do. From building your own superstar, to playing a regular game. Like a said earlier though, it's hardly changed. The graphics are better, and gameplay changed a little, but other then that, not much change.

 Overall, NBA 2K13 is pretty fun sports game. A must buy for any sports fan, and anyone who hasn't tried 2k12. It still will be a try for anyone else. That's why I would give NBA 2K13 a

9.25 out of 10