The next installment of the NBA 2K series includes an ambitious new mode called MyTeam. It lets players draft NBA pros, earn gameplay modifiers, and play against other user-created teams online.

You can purchase new players and all those other extra goodies through booster packs, which are purchased via in-game currency. Players and everything else are ranked in three tiers. You'll have to pay for player salaries when you play against other teams online, so don't think you can draft the best players in the league and call it good. In an interesting angle, players' values will rise and fall depending on their actual performance throughout the season. As producer Erick Boenisch explains it in the embedded video below, it's similar to the stock market in some ways. If you think a player is undervalued, it may make sense to pick him up while he's still a relative bargain.

For information on some of the game's other modes, take a look at our earlier preview.