NBA 2K12 is more than a "roster-update" in fact it isn't at all. NBA: Lockout mode gives NBA fans like me to enjoy NBA while it the real NBA has it's problems. Ok so about the actual game: Graphics are better but there are a little errors (like some people looking very different from the actual person and some jersey looking awkward), the boring My Player mode gets major updates that are fun for a while but still won't win me over, gameplay and controls are similar with a few changes and the greatest mode is fun. The NBA's greatest mode is what won me over. Not only do we control the greatest teams we also "experience them" in a way that we are actually watching the game. How is that? Play Bill Russell for example and the screen is black and white. The actual game mode is good but the presentation is brilliant. NBA 2K12 is an awesome sports game but there are minuses. Some bugs like players walking through each other, some weird animations and ONLINE. Though online does not bother me much since I am more of a local multiplayer person when it comes to sport games but I couldn't even try it because its broken. But aside from those the game is good and gets a 9.25