NBA 2K11 is an all around fantastic basketball game. It sets itself apart from other sports games.

Presentation: Absolutely gorgeous. If you were standing at a distance, you would think you were watching a real game. Player models are almost too good as you can tell who everyone is from the broadcast view. Some of the characters even behave like they do in real life, for example you will see LeBron biting his nails on the free throw line. The crowd looks and acts like a crowd with their interaction to the players. Also, the stadiums look fantastic, you can even see the reflections from the advertising on the floor. As you near the end of the game players have sweat dripping off of them, which is unseen as you start the game. NBA 2K11 may have the most realistic and life-like graphics we've ever seen.

Sound: Intelligent commentary from Clark Kellog and Kevin Hralan. There isn't too much repeating in this game that is very common in sports games. The announcers will start a conversation about a player, be interrupted by a made basket, and continue the previous conversation. As you play the game, there is constant "squeaking" from the players' shoes and even in-game talking, such as someone pleading for a foul or calling for the ball. NBA has great voice work and very realistic sound effects.

Gameplay: For the most part, the gameplay is very smooth. There are very minor annoyances, such as players getting stuck or miraculously getting a steal. These minor problems happen very infrequently. Shooting is all done with the analog stick and that opens up many different ways for you to shoot depending on which way it was moved. The controls are easy to follow and work very well. Free throws also are done with the analog and follow the same method as shooting regularly. The game is fluid and make it very simple to pick up and play.


New: The new addition to the series is being able to play as Michael Jordan and completing his "Jordan Challenges". These challenges make you repeat Jordan's greatest achievements. These mini-games are very fun and challenging. They are just another reason for someone to pick up this game. Also, the My Player addition is in it. This enables you to make a player and work him up the ranks to become a Hall of Famer. Warning: this game is very addicting. It is very easy to lose yourself in your character as you battle the on and off court challenges that come at you. These two new contributions to the franchise add another level of depth to their games.

NBA 2K11 is not a disappointment. It is one of the most life-like sports games and leaves you wondering if you actually are playing the game or watching it on T.V. New additions add more depth to the game and increase its already massive replay ability. Overall I give this game an almost perfect rating 9.5/10.