2K sports seems to dominate EA sports in only one sport game and that is basketball. This game has many good and bad things about it. Some good things are it's new features like My Player mode. This allows you to create your own player to play in the NBA. The NBA today feature allows you to play current NBA games that are being played now. There are many other game modes that are fun to do like the slam dunk contest. You can test your shot control in a three point shoot-out.

Now lets get to the bad things. My main problem with this game is the controls. It is very easy to throw miss pass to the wrong person. Dribbling through opponents is not an easy task, but what bugs me the most is that it seems impossible to make a shot when covered no matter how close you are to the basket. The graphics are nothing special. Overall I think you should hold off on buying 2010 edition of basketball.