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NASCAR the Game: Inside Line

NASCAR's Inside Line Looks To Be A Fast One

NASCAR developer Eutechnyx's first outing with the sport was almost a start and park situation. But the studio kept releasing patches, and this year's follow-up is benefiting from not only more development time and knowledge, but also a more efficient development process overall. The result is a game that appears to be fully featured in many areas. And when you've got a car that's good in all the corners, you've always got a chance to win.


Fans will be heartened to know that this year's game contains a fleshed out career mode where you vie for the attention of multiple sponsors for your car (there are 60 real sponsorships in the game) each with different objectives. How you perform on the track during the Sprint Cup season and in four different types of invitational events determines how well you do with your sponsors and what more attractive and lucrative offers come your way.

Overall, the better you do, the more cash you bring in to upgrade your race shop. For instance, you can improve your engine in specific areas such as its durability, fuel efficiency, and its performance during qualifying. You can also upgrade your chassis, drive train, and brakes through multiple levels.


Online racers can now utilize a full race weekend complete with practice sessions and qualifying for a more realistic racing experience. The game supports 16 racers online, as well as 2-player split-screen for the PS3/Xbox 360 and 4-player for the Wii (split-screen now shows a full 43-car field). Unfortunately, there is no online racing for the Wii version. You can form an online league and keep track of all the records and results that you and your friends rack up. Eutechnyx also says that it has improved the online collision and bump drafting, among other fixes from last year.

Better Times On the Track

For novice racers and the hardcore alike, Inside Line will have a number of tools to help  improve lap times. Spotter and crew chief audio from Ty Norris and Ray Evernham offers helpful feedback (Mike Joy and Darrell Waltrip provide their voices for race day), and practice and qualifying sessions not only let you get used to the track, but monitor things like fuel usage as well. The game's Track Test mode also shows your tire temps and the G-force in the corners.

Improved Racing

Eutechnyx rebuilt the game's tracks and one of the results is that different race lines are available for each one. These will evolve as the race goes on. You can also change your brake bias on the fly, overheat your engine when bump drafting, and see the game's new damage modeling that includes more scrapes and deformation. The damage setting in the game can be toggled from cosmetic to full, and not only can you DNF, but you can cut a tire and experience other mechanical failures.

Other new elements this year include an expanded paint shop, non-points events like the All-Star race, interactive pits (w/ varied AI pit strategies), and more. While last year's title was bare bones, Inside Line has already come off the hauler looking bad fast.

NASCAR the Game: Inside Line comes to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii on November 6.

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  • I like NASCAR games, but hardly come across one. Maybe this one can just make that happen.

  • This one could be better than the past ones in the series...

  • Maybe one day i will be stupid enough to like NASCAR.

    South Park......

  • The only way I'll buy this game is if you're able to play as Ricky Bobby.
  • why no PC??? D:

  • Its actually looking pretty good. I remain skeptical though.

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  • last years was okay, but that trailer didnt show me anything thats new you could have told me that was from last years edition and i wouldnt argue, but just make the career more interesting.

  • I looks like it will be good, but right now the only racing game I want is Most Wanted.

  • I havent played a nascar gae in forver

  • I havent played a nascar gae in forver

  • Wow, that's the most exciting trailer I've ever seen!

    [edit]: I'm sorry, you know Nascar is not for everyone. I love driving, I love playing racing games. But Nascar is a spectator sport. Of course being a Nascar driver is not easy etc. but as a game it looks like something I'd play if I wanted to fall asleep.
  • Like race Nascar long lap 100 XD

  • I remember 9 age game playStation 1 Old Nascar fun

  • Me have ps3 "Nascar 2011 The Game" enjoy

  • for all of us that bought the first game they should give us this game for free to make up for the poor quality of that game. nascar should have worked whit poly digital to make a full game for nascar i own gt5 and nascar the game 2011 and don't even play nascar the game because it's so bad what they have of nascar on gt5 is the best just wish it had every car and every track not just Daytona and Indy the rest would have put it over the top. love nascar but probably won't buy the next game will just keep playing on gt5.
  • Mod

    Looks nice.  I like the idea of interactive pit stops.

  • None of the screenshots include crashes... :/

  • Yes! excited to hear these improvements, specially after I rented that last title, as longa s you held down the gas in career mode you'd be fine. It sounds like breaking will be a must in this game! which is a nice thing, more realisitc!