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  • Blog Post: For those attatched to the series

    I have to be honest.. I enjoy the anime series- I try to watch each new episode as they are available. I've read a bit of the manga. I have also played other Naruto games in the past. This game is actually really quite fun and is perfect if you are trying to catch up to the anime- the graphical style... More
  • Blog Post: voice is everything

    when i got this game i ran straight into my room to play it and i was kina diapointed. "japanese really!?!?!?" i said. the gamepaly was quite promiseing and the music was ok. but no vioces only on some parts?!?!?! ugh. but other that that its a pretty good game. More

    Really enjoyed this game, it is definitely a step above its predecessor. More
  • Blog Post: Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations is Awesome!

    I am a huge Naruto fan, so this game was a must buy for me. I absolutely love and so do my friends, and I am surprised it took yous guys at GI to post this review. Anyways, my only complaint about the game is that I wished the story mode coulda been better, other than that its a great game and VS Mode... More
  • Blog Post: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations

    I got this game when it first came out, which is a long time ago. I really love it. I have all the first two and this one stays true to the gameplay style that I fell in love with several years ago. I don't have any complaints but the game doesn't deserve a 10 (most games don't). I strongly... More
  • Blog Post: Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations Review

    Note: This was written in my blog but in fact this was my review for the game. The biggest Naruto game is finally here. More characters, battles, and now more ways to do free and online battles. This game features characters of the first part of Naruto and new ones from part 2, or Shippuden. The long... More
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