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Ninjas Die In N++ First Trailer And Screens

In 2008, Metanet Software helped release an update to N – a hectic freeware platformer that was hard to put down. Sometime "soonish" Metanet Software will close out the trilogy with N++.

Last year at GDC, Metanet Software announced that it was working on another N games. N+ was one of the better platformers this generation, and you can see how it might have influenced the development of games like Super Meat Boy. Watch this tiny ninja dance across explosives and avoid other pitfalls in the trailer below.


[Source: Metanet Software via PlayStation Blog]

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  • I remember this game like it was yesterday that I was playing this on my limited Ed. Gow psp. I liked playing this a lot because even though at sometimes this game was frustrating it was spectacular to play as well. And now it's making it's way to the PS4 I feel all excited again to play this!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aw man, I love N+. This game is really fun. Can't wait for this. :D

  • I don't like how this new ninja looks with it's weird long head, I hope we can pick the old ninja skin. Still looks awesome though.

  • I don't know that I can play another N+ game... I have never played a game that has made me rage quit more than this game.
  • The Best PS4 exclusive I'd say, not to hate on the others, I just love N+!
  • I had a lot of fun with the demo for N+. I've probably put off picking it up for far too long now.
  • I played the original game because I'm so awesome and you guys probably never even seen it because you're lame. *puts on hipster shades* Deal with it.

    Okay see...I don't understand the appeal in acting like that for real. Why do hipsters act like that? Dx HOW DOES THAT MAKE THEM FEEL GOOD?!

  • N+ was awesome! Definitely gonna pick this when I ever I get a PS4.

  • Drat, I hope they bring it to Xbox One too, N+ is so much fun.

  • I only ever played this game in school...before I got caught and given detention.

  • Wow, I liked N Game. It's been years since I've played it.

  • So disappointed that this is only for Ps4. :/ Played N and N Plus all the time, looks like I won't get a chance this time around.

  • there you go play it online or download it free... no its not the new one but so what.