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Murdered: Soul Suspect

Murdered: Soul Suspect Makes The Jump To Xbox One

Microsoft has revealed that the Airtight Games-developed, Square Enix-published Murdered: Soul Suspect is making the jump from last-gen consoles to the Xbox One as revealed by Xbox Live director of programming Larry Hryb in a new video. We’ve got the new look of the ghostly gameplay.

Players will be tasked with solving the murder of the main character from the afterlife. Possession, investigation, and deduction come together for a unique take on crime thrillers.

Murdered: Soul Suspect is confirmed for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. It’s scheduled for later this year on all those platforms. Square Enix told us to stay tuned in response to our inquiry regarding a PlayStation 4 version.

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  • So basically we can expect a PS4 version.
  • Cool, this will be a great addition to my growing X1 collection.

  • please ps4 version...please!!!

  • I'm glad this is making the jump to current-gen consoles.
  • SO excited

  • Nice to hear it is making the jump to PS4/Xbox One platforms (I know PS4 isn't confirmed but I am comfortable jumping to this conclusion). It looks like an interesting game but not one that is high on my radar at this time.

  • Well it looked great as a PS3/360 title already, so I'm going to be picking it up for PS3. But for people complaining about lack of games to play for their expensive new hardware, good for more games to get announced for them. As a last gen game, it risked being lost against other releases. As a current gen game, it's now a much bigger fish in the pond, y'know? Here's hoping more people check it out now on PS4 and XBone.
  • Glad it's coming to PS4 also.. I find it hard in the next-gen era to own both consoles. While each has it's own lineup Sony's outweighs MS by far in my opinion. Unfortunately, I did buy both.. lol

  • No way it won't hit PS4 as well then. Why tease SE like its not going to happen?

  • I'm being positive in hopes that they're planning a PS4 version. This game looks like it'd be really really good.

  • I honestly smell another Alan Wake sort of cult-classic "neat idea, but not going to be a huge hit" with this one. I hope it does well enough though, I'm curious to see this game in action.

  • This looks cool. Will consider it after reviews.

  • It seems like a pretty interesting mystery game but I seldom buy mysteries. Although just the idea of playing as a ghost detective sounds awesome.

  • I've wanted to get this on the PS4, so thus is good news. Highly doubt they'll only release the current gen version on the X1.

  • Cool that it's confirmed for XB1 but if this doesn't make it to PS4 then that certainly would be news to me.

  • This is very good! I really wasn't keen on having to keep around my 360 even longer just to play this great-looking game.

  • The publisher's press site does list PS4 as a platform. There is also a release date listed of June 2014, though press sites aren't always accurate on those. Distributors currently have May 27th so perhaps it will be out around then. (Update six hours later: they've since sent out a press release confirming PS4 and a June release)
  • I hope it comes out on PS4, looks interesting, though I hope the gameplay and story have very limited bugs, as I could see a lot of potential WTF moments being able to walk through walls.

  • Hopefully they turn on the bells and whistles for the new gen systems and don't just do a direct port.

  • Looks awesome.

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