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Murdered: Soul Suspect

Walkthrough Preview Reveals More About Protagonist Ronan O'Connor

Newly deceased Ronan O'Connor is forced to roam the streets of Salem, Massachusetts to find his killer in the latest trailer for Murdered: Soul Suspect.

The latest trailer from Square Enix is a walkthrough of the beginning of the game and shows off gameplay mechanics that the player will be able to use. These include the ability to examine crime scenes and read minds of the living to find the murderer.

The walkthrough trailer is just over 25 minutes, meaning it's long enough to whet the appetites of those looking forward to the title planned for next year. For those who would like our impressions, be sure to check out editor Tim Turi's first look at the title.

Murdered: Soul Suspect is coming to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Watched the whole video? Share your thoughts below.

  • He reminds me a lot of John marston. I don't really think this game looks that great enough to prompt me to buy it, either. :/
  • I think this is pretty cool, I'm intrigued. I hope the game is of decent length because there doesn't seem to be much replay value. They also have to work on the repetition I already saw during this walkthrough if they want me to buy it. The rip-apart animation was the same every time - if that happens a lot then go switch it up with an alternative one, please. The words the protagonist utters when he analyzes clues could use a few more variants as well. Otherwise, very cool - I dig the supernatural ish.

  • This game has definitely caught my interest. Love the noir styled stuff. Reminds me a little bit of the Dresden Files books.
  • Woah... that looks very interesting. I am hooked.

  • This looks wierd and cool

  • i am really interested in this title. the more i see of it, the more i'd like to see MORE of it.

  • Although I'm compelled by what I saw, the comparisons to LA Noire are, in my opinion, slightly obvious.  However, the supernatural aspect leads to some interesting possibilities.  I'm impressed that they had an explanation as to why he couldn't walk in buildings from the ground floor but I hope that it's actually explained in game.  Finally, I'm not overly keen on the whole "demons" stalking you while you do your job.  It feels like a creation to give the game more action than it would have had otherwise.  It will be interesting to see how the game develops.

  • So, Paranormal Activity meets L.A. Noire?

    I really want to get this game, but apparently this game is coming in 2014 and it's not confirmed that it will be for the Xbox One nor Playstation 4. I've already reserved my Xbox One and I plan to get rid of my 360 once I get it. So, is this game gonna be for next-gen or no?
  • I was sold on this game from the first trailer. Which rarely ever happens with a IP. This just makes me that more sure to preorder it.

  • Looks good. One thing I'd have an issue with throughout the whole game is his constant chattering about my choices when investigating. It would be really nice to turn that off.