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Murasaki Baby

Sony's New Disturbing Indie Treat

Murasaki Baby is the most disturbing looking indie game that Sony announced during this year's Gamescom, and yet we couldn't take our hands off it.

Developed by Ovosonico, Murasaki Baby is an upcoming indie side-scroller for PS Vita that relies heavily on the uses of touch screen controls. The game's art is fashioned after macabre pen-and-ink artist Edward Gorey.

During our Gamescom's demo, we took control of a young girl named Baby, who's shark toothed mouth sits at the top of her head. Players grab Baby by the hand using the touch screen and then pull her through levels populated by children’s fantasies and fears. At one point in our demo we approached a dark tunnel and Baby refused to progress any farther until we had found a lamp and dragged it over to the darkness to help light her way.

Baby also clings onto a heart-shaped balloon. When she is damaged by an enemy, she'll drop this balloon and players will have to grab it and bring it back to her before it floats away. Players can also use the Vita's back touch pad to change the backgound of the game, which will effect Baby's mood and help her solve puzzles. For example, at one point in the game, we switched over to a thunderstorm environment and made Baby cry, which raised the water levels of a nearby lake and allowed us to board a boat. Then we switch the background to a peaceful windmill setting and spun the windmill to create wind that pushed the sailboat away.

Gamers who like dark and twisted puzzle games should give Murasaki Baby a shot when it releases on the PS Vita next year.

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  • I'm certainly interested in this game. The unique art style is so beautifully strange.

  • I'll likely be in the minority here, but the game's visual style is a huge turn off for me. The minute I saw the creepy upside down smile, and heard that baby crying, I was done. It was very disturbing for me. Which is a shame. Because watching the trailer, the gameplay mechanics they're implementing with the touch screen all look fantastic. They look very creative and unique. But I just can't bring myself to get past the visuals. I'm not usually one to harp on visuals, but I don't think I can play a game for hours if merely looking at it creeps me out the whole time.
  • If Tim Burton produced a video game...this would be it

    Note: This is not a turn off for me lol if I had a vita Id totally get it. Love Tim Burton and his style and this game didnt at all seem creepy to me.
  • Yet another reason for me to buy a PS Vita! I just wish I had the money! :D

  • This was the one indie that grasped my attention at Sony's conference.  My interest is peaked.

  • This is definitely on my watch list. Very intrigued by this title.

  • i could use a creepy game on my vita :) can't wait

  • Finally. Some decent, creative titles coming the Vita's way. I'm tired of seeing this system get console ports of games people will have an objectively better experience with on a home console.

    Keep it up, Sony. Try to get a few more must-have titles on it. From what I'm seeing, they're shaping this up to be the indie-handheld. That's cool, but I want more awesome system sellers made specifically for the Vita like Persona 4 Golden and Gravity Rush on there, too.
  • its very weird, but its also an interesting game!

  • This game really caught my eye during the Sony presentation. Gorgeous art style.

  • I'll pass. I don't like the look of the game at all.

  • Mod

    This looks awesome! The art style is great. I wish I had a Vita for this.

  • Very kool. Too bad ill miss this one (no vita).
    Hope it does well. Love indie innovation.