Right from the outset, I'll say that, yes, it's a good game. The action is wonderful, fast-paced, and fun. The battle mechanics are simple to learn, but hard to fully master, as most action games should incorporate. If you're looking for a good action game for the Wii, this is it.

Although, the game does have some flaws. Well, actually, a bit more than some, but I'll get to that later. first off, you have two characters to play as, both with their own separate stories. Each is about 4 hours long, depending on how in-depth you want to get into the game (then it takes about double that for each). It's a short game, even if there are multiple endings. There aren't many collectibles, and even getting all the weapons in the game doesn't take much time.

The game progresses through simple map areas in an amazing display of all the art talent VanillaWare has to offer. Although, I do have to admit, the 'exploring' can get a little old after a while, as it becomes just you holding the control stick forward and only paying attention when something actually happens. This is especially promenant after boss battles, where you just run through an entire section of the map with no enemies at all. Not very fun.

You engage in randomized battles along the way, but the transitions from exploring to battle to exploring again flow well enough for you to hardly notice or be annoyed by it. In fact, if you do find random battles in this game annoying, then you have some patience issues to work out. The battles are extremely fun, the controls are well mapped and are simple to use, and it's a blast, overall. Your swords can 'break', which can be annoying, but after some time, they are repaired (keep in mind, this is all during the battle). This forces you to think on your toes and learn to use all the swords you own. My only complaint is that the battle system is a bit too simple. You never learn any new combos or moves, so it can get kind of redundant.


But the main star of this game, as from the title, are the swords. There are a crapload of swords in this game, and each one has it's own stats, look, and unique ability. the secret arts, used in battle, are a swords' special attack, which depends on the sword you're using. They don't help all that much during battle, which is kind of annoying. You can literally beat the whole game without hitting the secret arts button.

Each sword can be forged at any time from the menu, and they are forged through a unique tree system. You can only forge swords down paths that you can choose and alter, adding a level of planning to your weapon selection. It also helps with battle, too. If you're having trouble with a certain boss, you can find a stronger sword, and if you have the right swords forged and the right amount of resources, it's all yours.

But the real annoyance is the difficulty. You only have two options: Muso and Shura. Muso is easy. Real easy. Especially if you've played through one of the stories. Sura, on the other hand, is hard. Really hard. The difference is so jarring that it's hard to chose, especially when it comes to boss fights. On Muso, you could take out a boss in a minute, bt die in the same amount of time on Shura

Still, these problems can be overlooked by the fact that it's a good game. It might be a bit short, but that means that the game has less time to get to you with it's annoyances. And even so, it's just too fun to really hate on it. Once you pick up the controller, you will start to lose track of time, I guarantee it.