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Muramasa Rebirth

Muramasa Rebirth Trailer Will Rock Your Face

The latest trailer for Muramasa Rebirth, the Vita exclusive HD remake of the formerly Wii exclusive Muramasa: The Demon Blade, highlights the game's main characters, and shows off some action. Along with some face-rocking guitar solos, you also get a look at some gameplay from each of the game's selectable characters.

For a much longer look at Muramasa's gameplay, head here. Muramasa Rebirth is coming to PlayStation Vita on June 25.

Vanillaware, the original developer behind Muramasa on the Wii, has another game coming out soon with Dragon's Crown. For more on Dragon's Crown, head here.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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  • As if I needed another reason to get a Vita.
  • This is one of the few games I own on my Wii
  • Looks like this and Dragon's Crown will finally get me to buy a Vita.

  • Cool Beans.

  • I don't see much of difference from the Wii version. Maybe it'll look better on Vita's screen?

  • Gotta love that music.

  • Looks pretty intriguing actually still.

  • Another great addition to the slowly but growing Vita library. I now actually have a couple of Vita titles I'm looking forward to this year.
  • And once again the game is on a system that nobody will play it on rather than doing something that makes sense and putting it as a digital download on xbox 360 ps3 and PC.

    Nice job dudes.

    I played it on wii don't really want to play it on a tiny screen wake me when they make a game that is a real "portable game". My PSP vita and 3ds are paper weights,. Oh look another port of a old console game I would rather play on a huge screen on the console it first appeared on OH joy!!!@@!@!!.

    Because nintendo porting over there crap n64 games and a worse version of donkey kong country returns is not enough.
  • I was waiting for a PS3 or 360 port of this game so I could finally play it on a console that ran above 480p (or with a screen larger than the Vita's). It looks like I will never get to truly experience the amazingness of Muramasa.
  • Just when you think you've played a game to it's fullest.

  • Game looks really nice.

  • I liked this game on the Wii, and I hoped that they would port it to 360 or PS3. Well, I don't own a Vita, but still, glad to see this game out of the Wii's shadow.

  • I don't have a vita, and I've never played this, but the Vita's library is looking more and more enticing...

    All it the Vita needs now is a price drop in either the console or the memory card to get my money. But as it stands, Dropping 300 for both is a little excessive for me. Especially when I got my PS3 for the same price, but it came with a bigger hardrive.
  • Considering the original looked good enough that the comcast guy asked if I was playing a PS3 game when it came out, it's not like there is much work they need to do for this.  What kind of bonuses are we looking at for this?

    Don't get me wrong, this game was amazing, and if you haven't played it on the Wii and have a Vita collecting dust, this is a great reason to dust it off.  I'm just asking, what reasons do I have to pick this up since I beat everything on the original version (except the one-hit kill extreme mode.  I gave up after the 2nd boss.)

  • Guess I won't be getting this one since I finished it on Wii. Same happened to me when Atelier Meruru Plus was announced. A few extras don't seem to justify getting it again.
  • I want this game so bad for the Wii!

  • Eh, I don't normally go for gaming related products, but there was a nifty statue released of the female protagonist that was quite nice looking.

    The prices for it on the secondary market are a bit too high, though.

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