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Mugen Souls Z

The Cosmic Quest Continues In North America And Europe

The Japanese video game publisher NIS America announced the digital and physical release of its cosmic role-playing game in North American and European markets. The new game is a direct sequel to Mugen Souls and will continue the story around the zodiac. With some changes, fans of the first game may have a great deal to look forward to in Mugen Souls Z.

Players relinquish the role of Chou-Chou in the sequel, instead playing as the goddess Sylma. Players must stop an ancient threat to Sylma’s world. RPG fans can dig in with robust customization, a level cap of 9999, and damage dealing that racks up in the billions. Mugen Souls Z is developed by Compile Heart, developer of the first game. It will be interesting to see if the absurdly high numbers can do anything to match the enjoyment of playing the game. 

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  • i never heard of this game before. NIS is always hit or miss with me, but i guess i can give this a try.

  • Another (likely) subpar jrpg headed towards the PS3 O: Awesome. Hasn't this just been such a GREAT generation for JRPG's guys? :D Sarcasm aside screw it. I'm sticking with the sarcasm.
  • The first Mugen Souls sucked big time. I am a huge fan of NIS games but this was just a pedophiles wet dream on steroids. I highly suggest at least giving the first one a try (USED so you can return it) before being sucked into buying the second one. It's beyond loli-con fetish and the battle system was just ...well... a mess.

  • The Lucky Nis America Great "Mugen Souls Z" Most Ps3 Only Role-Playing Game. Never Xbox Look. Lucky Ps3 and Ps Vita. Notice this Level 9999 wow too disgaea 1-5.

  • The Disgaea artist does the character for this series too, yes? That kind of art, uh... those don't translate to 3D so hot. THE EYES!!! Even as far as "moe" goes, those eyes are messed up. Looks like a texture issue, like the UV maps are off and are stretching too much.

  • it risks not selling due to the heavy hitters and new consoles...let wait and see, but the video i saw on youtube show me a boring game.

  • Nice, glad to see more jrpg's come to North America.

  • Interesting.