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Ms. Splosion Man

"Two Girls, One Controller" In Ms. Splosion Man

Do you have the courage to learn exactly what this weird new mode might be?

All this week, the team over at Twisted Pixel has been teasing the existence of Two Girls, One Controller (2G1C) at the game's website. The new mode will be an additional challenge to anyone who has already mastered the already difficult platforming that the sequel will present.

A recent press release from Twisted Pixel had this to say: "Like its impossible-to-unsee video namesake, this new mode is ridiculous, preposterous, and not for everyone. Our mode is called Two Girls, One Controller, and it allows one player to control two Splosion Gals simultaneously on the same controller. You use the left analog stick with LB button for one, and the right analog stick with RB for the other.  It takes a keen eye and a whole lot of dexterity to keep these two girls on target, but once you get the rhythm right you’re off and sploding."

We've got details on both this new mode and other newly announced features in the June issue (218) of Game Informer. If you haven't received your copy yet, you can bide your time by watching the final reveal video from Twisted Pixel regarding the new mode. In the video, you ought to get an idea exactly how hard it's going to be to play this way.

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  • dangit. i though this was going to be another video of girls eating poop... what a dissapointment. I already had my pants down and everything.
  • I feel like Twisted Pixel should work on a new Earthworm Jim game. They know how to make difficult platformers and seem to have an understanding of how to tie humor in with gameplay. Anyone else agree/disagree?
  • Single player co-op? Score!
  • Did anybody play the XBL indie game called "Googly Eyed Monster" or something? It has the same controls as this. Its pretty cool, but it will kill your controller with all of the vibration.

  • I really like this idea, makes me wonder if one person could get the co-op achs this way?

    I never did finish the first game's co-op mode, because I could never find someone to play it with all the way through.

  • Why?

  • I vomited in my mouth a little bit thinking about where they got the namesake from.

  • I suck at playing drums and I have a feeling that I'm going to suck at this.  Still going to buy the game though

  • Twisted Pixel is an awesome developer. I hope they make Comic Jumper 2 soon.

  • Mod
    i only saw the namesake vid recently, then plucked my eyes out. so i won't be seeing this mode let alone playing it
  • This seems insanely difficult! Who would put themselves through this kind of torment!

  • Oh my god. That's crazy!

  • It's sort of disturbing to think about where they got the name from, lol.

    But hey, atleast they didn't make a different kind of game.  It would have been REALLY messed up if they (for whatever reason) made a platformer for the Wii (with male protagonists) with a mode called 'Three Guys One Wand'....'shudders'

  • Looks....kinda hard.

  • Kinda reminds me of the ilomilo shuffle minigame. Except a lot harder o.o

  • This looks amazing and challenging at the same time.

  • Goodness... now that's a challenge.

  • i have to read more about the game before i buy it.

  • I think I'll skip this one.  Frustrating things frustrate me.  

  • Theres a game on the XBL Indie arcade that does this, where you have to play two games at once. It's called "can you handle two at once?" Crazy, I know. It's not bad, actually. Also, I'm reallyreally excited for this game :)
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