This game by Twisted Pixel for me was a real big upgrade visually from splosion man. The scenery is really refreshing also, in 'Splosion Man the player played inside entirely besides a few windows here and there. The concept of the game is the same from the first one, get to the finish line.  Ms. splosion man brings hidden passages to levels and unlike 'Splosion Man, Ms. Splosion Man you have a Mario like map of all the levels to choose from. The music in this game is very lively and changes up on the player a lot. This is a good thing because the levels tend to get harder, so dieing to good elevator music is not as bad. Through the games progression the player will see and use a lot of different items such as a bull like bomb with a timer that sends the player flying. The multiplayer has a different way of using things like this bull bomb. In 'splosion man the player can collect cake in all the levels (excluding boss fights) and this is the same for Ms. Splosion Man,  but instead of collecting cake you can collect shoes. The levels themselves are much longer compared to 'Spolsion Mans and much more difficult. The game has unlockables like music from the game, videos, exclusive avatar awards and more. This is a common thing i see with other games from twisted pixel. I really enjoyed this game and its a great game for the summer drought before all the heavy hitters coming later this year.