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Mortal Kombat X

The Return Of Kano And Raiden

Gamescom is our first opportunity to play around with returning favorites Kano and Raiden, but with the character variations system in Mortal Kombat X it's almost like trying more.

As you may recall from Mortal Kombat's debut at E3, each character has three variations you can choose from before the fight. Certain core moves remain the same no matter what you select, but many of them change drastically.

Raiden's Displacer variation is built around teleportation. He can teleport in the middle of a combo, in the air, and even disappear completely for a brief moment. Master of Storms is all about creating electric traps on the map to keep your opponent constantly wondering where the next one will appear. Thunder God expands the length and variety of combos. Raiden's X-ray launches opponents into the sky above the cloud level. He flies up to their body, grabs their spine, and lights them up with arcs of blue electricity before throwing them back down. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see his fatality.

Kano's Cutthroat variation provides him with two blades focuses on combos involving them. Cybernetic allows him to shoot lasers out of his robotic eye that can be used as long range projectiles, combo components, and mid-air zaps. Commando is more of a grappler style allowing skilled (and partially psychic) players to perform both high and low parries against many opponent attacks. His X-ray involves slicing their chest open while standing behind them and then cracking their neck downward when they turn around. Kano's fatality involves cutting the opponent open and letting their guts spill out. Then you see the person's face up close as it starts to glow and then a laser blasts clean through and Kano smiles through the hole.

We also caught a new jungle map that's loaded with insect swarms and slithery creatures in the background. As with all stages in the game, it's highly interactive. Characters can swing on vines, and spring off of stone idols to get away from danger or use them to  smash opponents into. 

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  • This game looks gorgeous. Can't wait.

  • Cool, I like how they have character specific dialogue before the match.
  • Return? They never left.
  • I'm sure you've seen it by now, Bryan. But if not, here's Raiden's fatality. Go to 2:16 Also, I'm not sure what you saw, but the X-Ray Raiden uses here is a shade different.
  • Oh man. I haven't been this excited for a MK game in so long. The 3 different combat styles for each toon is just the kind of fresh thing this series needed.
  • I want this game so bad.

  • I need this in my life.
  • I know since its MK the violence is supposed to be over the top, but it's kinda hard to suspend my disbelief when Raiden gets stabbed through the neck, has his brain stem torn, then gets his face crushed into his frontal lobe, and get's back up to continue fighting.
  • This will be the best fighting game to ever release. I really hope with all the fighting variations that they can still keep the game balanced.
  • This game looks so awesome, and the fighting style choices, what a great way to take it to the next level, way to go Nether Realm. My only real problem is that I really love fighting games,but not playing them online so much, and just don't have that many friends that like sitting down and passing the controllers like we use to do. That's the best way to play. So cool it all lines up at #10 for the(X) how perfect is that?
  • This game looks insanely beautiful. I can't wait for this game.

  • I can honestly say I've always hated Kano. Maybe its because of the first movie. Even as a kid I developed a hatred for him killing sonjas partner

  • Kano went from having armpit hair in 9, to having smeared textures in X. Sweet!

  • This game keeps looking better and better. I'm digging the combination of new and old characters. Kano was never one of my favorite but it's nice to see him back.

  • I'm not impressed, I thought it would look much better.