A leaked video earlier today let the cat out of the bag regarding Kano’s moves, but Warner Bros. let us know that the video was not the final version. Warner Bros has now provided the final and complete HD version of that video, which helps to show off Kano’s brutal combat options.

In the video, we learn about Kano’s return to the upcoming Mortal Kombat X, and his three distinct combat variations: cutthroat, cybernetic, and commando. In a fight against new combatant D’vorah, each of the three variations offers new moves for the player. Cutthroat focuses on knife attacks and powerful slashing and throwing attacks. The Cybernetic variation focuses on long range and defense, with eye beam and grenade assaults taking center stage. The Commando build focuses on grappling skills and counters. 

For more on the characters of Mortal Kombat X, check out a similar trailer for Raiden released earlier this month.