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Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

Two Factions of Nerd Icons Face Off

The Mortal Kombat characters have been shooting fireballs out of their hands and teleporting through flashes of light for so long it's only natural that they're finally fighting superheroes. Thankfully, Midway has respectfully integrated DC's most popular icons into the fighting fold, so the overall experience doesn't feel like a cheap licensing cash-in.

The violence may be slightly toned down, and a lot of the blood and gore is gone, but the superheroes aren't pulling any punches and the action remains unquestionably MK. The name of the game is dialing combos and quick, rehearsed moves.

With 22 combatants, the character list is fairly diverse. Fan favorites like Scorpion and Liu Kang still do their thing, but it's the DC newbies that steal the show. The DC roster feels fresh and a lot of work has been done to making sure their moves reflect their comic identities. Sure, some fancy footwork was needed within the game's fiction to make everyone evenly matched in battle, but every character performs like they should. Superman is a lumbering powerhouse with a lot of devastating three-hit combos, while the Joker is a trickier combatant who relies on change-up moves. Even characters I've never cared much about, like The Flash and Captain Marvel, are a blast to play.

The new mid-battle sequences, called Freefall Kombat and Klose Kombat, mix up the action. These segments vary in execution -- you might end up crashing out of the ring and freefalling to the next stage -- but they are all basically minigames. While they look cool, blocking your opponent's attacks is mostly a guessing game, and you feel cheated when the roles are reversed at the last minute and you take the damage you were dishing out. Thankfully, this doesn't ruin the overall combat, which is solidly ­balanced.

The game offers two different story modes that each last a couple hours, but aside from a thin combo challenge there isn't much to do here other than test your might online. Still, fans of both universes are sure to squeeze hours of entertainment out of this package.

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Second Opinion:


While fans worried about the T rating and the inclusion of the squeaky clean DC crew, those concerns prove false. Rest assured, this game is true to the spirit of the series, albeit a little less gory. The DC characters, while inserted into the MK mythos through an extremely silly plotline, fit in with Raiden's crew well. Each DC character has some amazing ''wow'' special moves and finishers, and each is worthy of facing old favorites like Scorpion and Jax. The basic control mechanics are the same bread and butter, lightening-fast fighting you expect, although new ''Test Your Might'' and dual level falling sequences add some eye candy. Nothing really new here, but it's a campy good time, just like any good comic crossover should be.

User Reviews:

  • 9.00
    i got this game for me and my other to play i like it, the story mode is very interesting and the fighters look awesome....... a few of them do, lol. fighting as the joker is a joy, he's hilarious (as usual). lex luthor is not my favorite character to use. the story, in story mode, is actually pretty...
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  • 9.00
    Fighting system is really good. Graphics are amazing. DC characters give the MK series nice new thrill. Voice work is great. The variety of the characters is really good, as is the story. You'll be playing this long after you beat the game.
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  • 8.75
    This was my first mortal kombat game, and even though it's not as gory, it's still very fun. For all Mortal kombat and DC comics fans, this is for you. Start off graphics are pretty good. Not amazing, but pretty good. Story is all right, but the main thing is game play. You can be about 12 Mortal...
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  • Mortal Kombat has been a controversial game that allows players to ultimately brutalize their opponents in either their famous "Fatalities" or some sense of humor for gamers out there. Now, DC Comics mixes in with the fun of Mortal Kombat to develop a well-rounded game. First off, the story...
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  • 9.50
    love it but there wasnt all the characters
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  • 8.50
    I think this one was almost the best MK. The only turn off about this one is the finishers. I mean come on seriously its mortal kombat, they are known and always will be known for who can rip your heart out from behind you with a burning sword in your in your head the best. this one was more cleaner...
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