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Mortal Kombat

Rain Returns In New Mortal Kombat DLC Trailer

The Mortal Kombat character Rain is the latest to be resurrected for NetherRealm's reboot of the series. This trailer shows some of Rain's backstory, and a few sweet water-based finishers to boot.

Rain will be available for $4.99 on PS3 and 400 Microsoft Points starting on July 19 (and also to users who purchased the Microsoft Season Pass). On the same day, a free pack of two classic characters skins -- MK 2 style versions of Jade and Kitana -- will also be released.

  • nice

  • YAY!!! My favorite character is back!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Absolutely love this game and all of the DLC that's being added.

  • "Where there is rain there's usually flooding!...mostly in low level areas with poor drainage"..."This fight will be your last!!"...ROUND ONE...FIGHT!!!
  • Am I the only one hoping that the new DLC character will be Bo' Rai Cho? He was pretty good back in Deadly Alliance!
  • I hope they make Goro, Kintaro, and Shao Kahn playable at some point
  • well done nether, well done

  • i need this game!

  • This character is pretty lame. I don't think he really fits the MK universe, but the others have been awesome so far. Guess all of them can't be great.
  • Awesome !

  • if only they didn't charge 5 bucks for characters
  • I am not a big MK fan and wont get the game, but WHY CAN'T OTHER FIGHTING GAMES DO THIS (i.e. release 3 great characters in rapid succession)? (ahem...Marvel vs Capcom 3...ahem)
  • Mod
    Is it really a reboot if you bring almost every character back through dlc
  • Also, I didnt get the fatality....so a water bubble rips limbs off?
  • I kan't wait for the mystery character
  • Rain's ok, but I like Kenshi and Skarlet better.
  • He looks awesome!

  • MK2 Kitana and Jade? Dissapointing...
  • His moveset and everything looks fantastic, but is anybody else a little disappointed in his actual appearance?
  • The water he's working with doesn't seem to be... moving at any incredible speed, or be... enhanced in any way. Being lightly splashed doesn't seem like an effect attack.

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