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Skarlet Impresses As Mortal Kombat's First DLC Character

Mortal Kombat’s season pass went live today, granting fans all four of the fighter’s DLC characters. Kenshi, Rain, and an unannounced character will be arriving later on in the summer, but the first offering is Skarlet (available today). Starting as a color palette glitch in Mortal Kombat II, this marks her first appearance as an official, playable character. We got a chance to spend some time with her today, and she’s definitely worth checking out.

Her appearance is essentially a red version of Kitana/Mileena/Jade, but her moveset is unique. Armed with several daggers, she can use them to set up air juggles or toss them as projectiles. These daggers can be thrown in mid-air, either diagonally towards the ground or straight ahead (striking any airborne opponents).

I’ve always been partial to characters with a teleport move, so I’m a fan of her Blood Drop ability. She disappears in a splash of blood, then flies down towards her opponent’s back with a slash. If you use the enhanced version of this move, she’ll mount her foe and dig the daggers into their shoulder blades until they fall.

Blood Ball is a unique move that involves Skarlet stabbing herself in the stomach and throwing a ball of her own blood. This move injures Skarlet, but it can inflict significant damage if it connects. During the stab animation, you can hold up or down to influence which direction it travels.

Her Red Dash move is useless when performed on its own, but can be followed up with a dagger slash or the Red Slide. The latter sees Skarlet slide on a pool of blood, similar to Sub Zero’s traditional ice slide.

Like all fighters in Mortal Kombat, she comes equipped with a devastating X-Ray attack. It begins with an upward palm strike to the nose, and then she follows up by kicking the heel of her shoe directly through her dazed opponent’s eye socket. You’d think we’d be desensitized to these attacks by now, but hers still managed to make us cringe.

Skarlet has access to two fatalities - Blood Bath and Make it Rain. The former sees her stabbing one dagger into her opponent’s ear while slashing their throat with the other. As copious amounts of blood pours out of the gaping hole, she sticks her face into the flow and bathes in it. Make it Rain starts with Skarlet disappearing into the ground, followed by giant blood pillars lifting her opponent in the air. She reappears underneath the opponent and slashes their stomach open, bathing in the blood and organ parts that rain down from above.

This first slice of DLC makes me very optimistic about future characters. Skarlet fits right in with the rest of the roster, and her entertaining moveset and fatalities are amongst my favorites. Featuring her own ending, she seems like a full character rather than an afterthought or palette switch. If this is the level of quality we can expect for with the rest of the DLC characters, consider me onboard.

Watch below to see Reiner and myself give Skarlet a test drive.

  • oh hell yeah.count me in.

  • how would her fatality work with someone who has oil instead of blood to drink? would she eventually die of oil in her system?:)
  • Hey Reiner I watched the little intro video for her and don't worry she's NOT a vampire. Apparently the story they've given her is that she's been created by Shao Kahn's sorcery from the blood of the tournament contestants that has accumulated during the matches. Hence her love of blood.

  • Just downloaded that to my xbox but have not had a chance to test her out yet. However, she looks promising and if she's as good as she looks she may become my new main.

  • Man, a redhead who embraces the best part of mk? My next favorite character!
  • Her 2nd fatality is AWESOME
  • Skarlet makes "bad" look "good"!
  • Seems like quite the aggressive move-set. The sacrificial ranged attack, awesome... the X-ray and fatality, also awesome. And the blood bottle Babality to bring it all together.  Super cool character overall.

  • She's an interesting fighter to be sure, but I've never been a fan of characters/strategies who hurt themselves to do moves.

  • I downloaded the Season Pass, but it's still prompting me for another 1200 MSP to download Skarlet! What gives?
  • She's BA, I wasn't going to get her (I only want Kenshi) but now I want her!

  • I once created a fictional character that uses blood, but not at that extent. Useful little tool that's always around.

  • Other than the fact that I downloaded the Season Pass and can't get Skarlet without paying ANOTHER 1200 MSP, yeah, I'm sure Skarlet kicks ass. Am I doing something wrong?

    Edit - As of 9pm, this has been fixed. Skarlet does, in fact, kick ass. Nice fatalities! The spiked heel to the eyeball in the X-ray is pretty brutal, too.
  • I know i'm the minority here......but i liked the 3D mortal kombats
  • Oh pooey, no extra costume, only what came with the update for Cyrax and Sektor.  

  • I'm excited about playing Skarlett and Kenshi later on as well.

  • For some reason I thought skarlet and kenshi would release at the same time as a package deal kind of upset I wanna use kenshi so much

  • I thought MK was really gory. :P

  • It's about time they released her. I just wonder if she lives up to all of the potential and hype that gamers have wanted to see from her. It's cool how an easter egg becomes official in this particular case.

  • Wow and D@mn! Skarlet is one sick chick! Can't wait to play with her! Hmm, all this sounds soo wrong! lol

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