I have had Mortal Kombat every since it first came out and I'm still playing it to this very day. The Story was rich, dramatic and cool although there was some spots that were a cheesey and some spots that didn't make much since. But you can't judge a game only by it's story. The gameplay was also rich, there's over 20 characters to play as each with there own moveset. It's also really easy to make combos in this game, but some characters it's a little hard. Mortal Kombat also has plenty of modes such as: Arcade, Multiplayer (Both online and offline), Tag Team and Challenge Tower. Challenge Tower has 300 challenges going from Easy and Hard. On the 300th challenge you'll find your self at the hardest challenge, You must beat Goro, Kintaro, Milena and Shao Kahn with one Health Bar when you beat it you will earn a special costume for a character. For online modes you have: 1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 2 and King of the Hill. All of these are fun but it seems King of the Hill is the most popular. There also the Krypt were you can unlock things. it took me like a week to unlock everything in it. There's more things in Mortal Kombat but I guess that's all I'm going to talk about. Over all this game was Amazing!