Yeaaaaa you heard me right. Mileena and Baraka/Tarkatans have been my favorite since 2. Before 2 it was all about Raiden for me.

Here's my review on this awesome Rebirth/Reboot of MK series; FIRST, THE BAD:

  • Online is shoddy/connection issues all the time. I have 40k connection through cable. Which is faster then most T1's out there besides some of the business/Metro-E connections out there. (I work in telecomm just so you know).
  • Lacking of the Character creator. YOU CANNOT TEASE ME WITH ARMAGEDDON NETHEREALM! YOU CANNOT DO THAT TO ME. I had Fun making my own stories and unlocking outfits/goodies all across the board. They took a popular feature out That I was inlove with.
  • Difficulty on some parts of the Main Story. Kabal comes to mind when you have to face Mileena and Noob-Saibot, and you're not used to his controls at all. I played the Arcade Ladder with Baraka/Mileena first and foremost, but man...Playing through story with a bunch of people I'd rather chop into peices with Roy Brown playing in the background then have to stomach their controls/combos...(This did NOT affect my rating, its just a personal Tidbit). I have to say though, making you go through the story and learn people's combos helps you BEAT them online so you know what to look forward to. So the bad got counter attacked by something good/positive, still...I didn't want to use Kabal nor do I give a flying fug about Liu Kang.
  • Boss Fights....Shao Kahn's move set and not able to grab/can't just destroy him, really? REALLY? Pretty much he is done for after you learn his little tactics...which you find out how to beat him real quick. Making him Spam spears and Hammer Tosses, Making the bosses Taunt you constantly...-sigh- Come on...really? This was lame...
  • Lack of Roster. A lot of Favorites got turned out, and I know why due to being a reboot, but you can't go Armageddon's full roster etc to less roster with some DLC...that kind of sucked...
  • Guest Characters = a Joke. This aint Soul Calibur. Don't pander to one market of players then forget the others. Bad move on your part. Krueger, don't even think I want him in this game. Kratos...-sigh-

-NOW FOR THE GOOD- Why this got a 9 from me.

  • Solid Fighter. Balanced with little imbalances such as Noob and Smoke being top spammers. There is always ways around them (Me being a Raiden/Mileena User). Its more balanced this time around then others. Each MK has had an OP type character, this one has a few, but they can be countered easily.
  • Upgrade to the Story mode was completely necessary and awesome at the same time. From MK1 all the way to Ultimate MK-Outworld Invasion. You just took the bad taste of your *** MK movies out of my mouth with this reboot.
  • LACK OF ROSTER (SHUT UP I KNOW): I hated Bo Rai Cho, I hated The Boss in Armageddon, I hated Majority of MK4's craptacular Roster. You kept out alot of annoying people like Meat (Which was a joke character) Drohgin or what ever his demon face was with the club for a hand, Natara was goofy as hell.
  • The Many Modes of gameplay, you brought back some goodies, the Special Event Ladder is great with its own funny ordeals.
  • Mileena is still sexy. <------You got a 6 just for that Netherrealm. You kept true to my favorite character and put her in BANDAGES. THANK YOU. Her combos are solid, her moves are fluid. Baraka still a bad ass. I'm still owning my friends who think he was just a grunt footsoldier. Raiden is the Anti-Spam King, and I appreciate that. I like Rain this time around, his Fatality is my favorite next to Mileena's. Stryker finally gets some respect, His X-ray and his Fatality are great. Sheeva is lovely, thank you for remaking her and keeping her strong.
  • X-Ray Attacks are great follow up moves, AWESOME to look at/feel, and great to piss off some one who thinks they won the match immediately/spammers, usually you don't get the X-ray unless you've taken hits, so spammers are usually hitting me or atleast hitting my block which means more x-ray for me, less wins for them. :3
  • Fatalities are more brutal this time around...and thank you for putting the ACTUAL Joker/Shang Tsung Fatality in this.  This game is definently a GREAT notch above MKvsDCU which from what my friends tell me was kind of meh.
  • Graphics are superb. The Damage modifier graphics are awesome. X-ray attacks graphics are...lets just say Jade makes me crinch every time. (Hint: If you want to get a quick few more shots in, just pick people who's X-ray hit the groin...)

So thats it for my review. I hope I was decent and not just fanboying over it.