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Defend The World As A Warden With Collectible Monsters

Mobile games juggernaut Kabam has announced that it's working with Undead Labs (State of Decay) to bring forth a new RPG built for mobile devices. Moonrise will be playable at PAX Prime this year.

In the world of Moonrise, every so often an event (known as the Moonrise) will occur, causing destruction and corruption in the world. As a Warden, you collect Solari (à la Pokémon) and fight off the Lunari in real-time combat. You can check out screenshots from the games' demo in the gallery below.

Undead Labs has stated that Moonrise will "initially" available on iOS and Android, though no word on whether it will move to other platforms as well. Moonrise enters its beta this fall with a full release expected for early 2015.

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  • I will be patient with these guys with the announcement of the big project they are working on. State of Decay was a really fun game. Would have been even better with multiplayer in it. I'm guessing this game will eventually come to a Microsoft console, since they have a contract with them.

  • I'll have to give State of Decay another shot sometime; the first time I tried playing it, I couldn't really get into it. As for this game, it sounds pretty interesting. I'll have to keep an eye on it though.
  • I hope this isn't another lame Pokemon rip-off clone that requires you to pay to win. There is disgusting amount of games like that out there. Keeping a close on this one.

  • I'll play. I would like to see this become successful. State of Decay is a great game but I did not expect a complete shift in what type of game they were making. I really want to see what their approach to creature collection RPG is like.

  • It looks like a nice Monster Collecting RPG.

  • I just want State of Decay 2 for Xbox One!!!The first was definitely one of my favorite 360 games of last gen, and its a damn shame Gameinformer editors left it off the top list! Shame on Yall!!

  • ?I want to be the very best!?
  • Patiently waiting for state of decay 2 for xboxone. Anything else they make is irrelevant