Time To Start Combining!



Potion: Herb + Blue Mushroom Restore small amount of HP

Mega Potion:  Potion + Honey Restore average amount of HP

Nutrients Godbug + Blue Mushroom Temp raise maximum Health

Mega Nutrients Nutrients + Honey Temp raise maximum health (more powerful)

Herbal Medicine Bitterbug + Cactus Flower Cure poison and restore health

Energy Drink Honey + Nitroshroom Cure sleep and recover stamina


Net Ivy + Spider Web Strong net able to hold heavy objects

Old Pickaxe Stone + Bone Cheap pickaxe (probably 1 - 2 uses)

Iron Pickaxe Iron ore + Bone Good pickaxe (probably 4 - 5 uses)

Mega Pickaxe Machalite ore + Bone Great pickaxe (probably 7 or more uses)

Old Bug Net Net + Mystery Bone Cheap bug net (probably 1 - 2 uses)

Bug Net Net + Monster Bone S Good bug net (probably  4 - 5 uses)

Mega Bug Net Net + Monster Bone M Great bug net (probably 7 or more uses)

Fishing Harpoon Broken Shell + Mystery Bone Good Harpoon (probably 4 - 5 uses)


Catalyst Bitterbug + Honey Enhances effects of other items

Air Philter Airweed + Catalyst Restores lost oxygen (underwater)

Mega Air Philter Air Weed + Dash Extract More powerful than a regualr Air Philter


Bomb Casing Stone + Sap Plant Base material

Smoke Bomb Ivy + Bomb casing Large cloud of smoke, helps with escape

Poison Smoke Bomb Toadstool + Bombcasing Poisions nearby monsters (works well on insects)

Flash Bomb Flashbug + Bomb casing Blinds nearby monsters

Dung Bomb Dung + Bomb casing Repels some monsters from target

Sonic Bomb Screamer + Gunpowder Stuns nearby monsters

Tranq Bomb Tranquilizer + Bomb casing Capture monsters caught in traps

Pitfall Trap Net + Trap tool Activates when a monster walks over it

Shock Trap Thunderbug + Trap Tool Activates when a monster walks near it


Pierce Shot Huskberry + Bird Wyvern Fang Armor piercing

Recovery Shot Herb + Huskberry Restore small amount of health to target

Poison Shot Toadstool + Huskberry Poisons Target (may require multiple shots)

Para Shot Parashroom + Huskberry Paralyzes target (may require multiple shots)

Wyvern Fire Shot Nitroshroom + Huskberry Rapid fire flame shot