1. Great Jaggi

Once you get to 3 Stars online, you'll basically be able to take this guy out in a matter of seconds. But until then, he can be a bit of a threat. You don't have to bring any specific weapons, since he's a beginning monster. When you see him reel back, make a sideways dodge. He's either about to initiate an extremely annoying bite attack, or a forward lunge. If you're quick enough, you can attack him in between lunges, when he pulls off a bunch in a loop that goes for 2-5 lunges. If he damages you to much, run to the next zone and heal, as he will stay on your butt constantly.


2. Qurupeco

The Qurupeco is a strange beast, with the power to summon other monsters. If this does happen, the quest often provide you with a Dung Bomb, which scares the creature off. Normally, it's a Great Jaggi, but if you're unlucky, a Rathian, or even a Deviljho will be summoned. When he knocks his wings together, he's about to unleash a devastating attack which will cause fire blight.. Roll around to shake it off.To counter this attack, place barrel bombs, in his path, and dodge out of the way, When ever, the Qurupeco emits sound waves, throw a sonic bomb. This will counter the calls effects, and leave him stunned for a short moment. If you are using a bow-gun, bring piercing bullets. When he inflates his air sack, shoot the piercers there as much as possible. This will pop it, and it will take longer to call.


3. Royal Lurdoth

Before fighting this monster, develop a bow-gun. Bring Sub, Fire, Wyvern Fire ,Crag, and Clust bullets. Only use the Sub bullets under water. Use the crag and clust bullets at the start to weaken him, then use fire and subs in between. When he appears to get weaker, try to spam your Wyvern fires. If that is not enough, just use regular bullets until he falls. Quick note, he's weakest at the mane.


4. Barroth

Again, bring a bow-gun. Bring all the aforementioned bullets, except replace Sub, with Water. With his mud coat on, he is weakest to water. When he lowers his head, be ready to dodge his charge attack. It's easy to dodge, but if you are hit, it will most likely result in a faint. When he shakes, and throws his mud around, get as far away as possible, and shoot while he's vulnerable. If you are using a melee weapon, attack between his legs. Fire Crag bullets at his crest to remove the mud there, so when he uses his head slam attack, he can't trap you in his mud. Once most of his coating has been removed, start to use fire bullets. Use clusts to finish him off.



Any fire weapon will do. I recommend the Qurupeco Chopper. The first time trying, he will be in area 6. Take a secret passage for a short cut. It is located in a pool at the far end of the base camp. If you fail, the next time around, he will be in area 4. Head to area 2. Just before entering area 4, there should be a bush on your left. Search there until you find a frog. In area 4, don't jump into the water just yet. Look for a fishing area. Use the frog to fish out the Gobul. He will be easier to fight on land. When he puffs out his spikes, be ready to dodge out of the way of his roll attack. He will eventually flee back to th water, where you have to watch out for a specific attack. When he burrows, put a way your weapon. He's about to try to suck you into his gullet. If you're caught in his stream of air, you'll have to swim like heck to avoid his chomp attack.


6. Great Baggi

Use the same tactics as with the Great Jaggi. Only bring a fire weapon. Also, he has an extra attack that the Jaggi doesn't. A sleep attack in the form of a snowball. His smaller friends have this attack to. You'll know when it's coming when you see him stand tall and bend his neck in an S shape.


7. Gigginox

Bring along some antidotes and dung bombs before fighting this monster. You'll have to be ready for his charge attack, as it can be difficult to dodge. When it lays an egg, destroy it as quickly as possible. The Giggi it spawns will get annoying. When it jumps on the ceiling, stay away. You'll be able to see it by it's shadow. (I know it makes no sense) If he does a body slam, just run away and take an antidote. If he swallows and pins you, you'll have to wait for Cha-Cha or another Hunter to free you, or rapidly tap A to free yourself. (This will take longer though)


8. Rathian

The Rathian is weakest to Thunder and Dragon elements, so farm the Lagiacrus (see below) online to get a bow-gun part of the same kind. Buy as many thunder bullets as possible. Fire clust bullets at her wings, and clust and thunder at her head. Most of her attacks are powerful but easy to dodge. For melee weapons, best place is between the legs.


9. Uragaan

The Uragaan is relatively simple, but can take a long time. All you need to know: Stay away from his face, and in between his legs where he can't hit you.


10. Lagiacrus

Fire weapons are essential for taking this guy down. The sides of the Head and Tail are the safest places. Bring Water Block seeds, and Storm Sender seeds to cure your self of water and thunder blight. No matter when he faces you, get out of the way. He's going to dash towards you. You have to be ready to put away your weapon, and quick dodge away from him when he uses his lightning attack.


11. Barioth

To kill this beast you must first be aware that it's all about speed. The barioth is stronger than most and faster than a cat. Most likely you will need something that can gaurd and a good sense of direction. Constantly keep your eye on him at all times. It's better to guard against most attacks instead of dodging because his attacks are usually wide and cover a 180 degrees radius. His ice breath can be blocked but getting hit even in range of the tornado will give you blight. The only thing you can really do here is trade blows with him and see who falls first. He is completely unpredictable but if you can break a claw or wing it evens out greatly. 

12. Rathalos

Same thing as the Rathian, only he's larger, and has an attack in which he flies low across the ground towards you that you need to watch out for.

13. Aknaktor

To survive this demon you will need very fire resistant armor. From the start you will be shot at by laser

attacks and everything. Mainly this fight is hard however because of his burrowing ability. The gist about it?

Run away. Lest you can hit it with a sonic right above where it is, it will give attacks you can't hope to give back.

Finding a way to stop it from burrowing is the best way to stop it.

14. Deviljho


15. Jhen Mohran

For this guy, you'll have to be READY. Bring as many, bombs, healing items, and enchantment seeds as possible.

Ship Gear Run-Down

-Balistas: Standard way of damaging him. Ammo found in between the stairs at the stern

-Cannons: Deals a more powerful blast. Ammo found in the stock pile at the stern

-Binder: Use this at the ballista station to halt his side ram attack. 

-Hunting Gong: Used to stop him when he faces the side of the ship and tries to ram it. 

-Dragonator: DO NOT WASTE THIS. This is the only way to stop his dive attack, when he comes at the ship from the front. Don't hit the button until the last second.

-Anti-Dragon Bombs: Place them on his tusks and weak points, for extra (Or should i say MASSIVE) damage


Stage 1

Start out by unloading all your ballista ammo onto him. Avoid his rock attacks by rolling. When he comes near the ship, a red arrow appears when he's ready to be boarded. Jump on and head for the tusks. Place both on the side closest to the ship. They will detonate automatically. After you're done mining from the blue spots on his sides, head for his weak points. They are located on his spine. They contrast from the rest on him by their paler color. Hammer away with your own weapon (Hammer or long sword is preferable) until it breaks. Head on to the second if you must. Once you jump off, head back up on deck. Fire several ballistas at the tusk you placed the bombs on. This should be enough to break it. When he come close, place as many bombs as possible by his arm. Use a gunner, or smaller bombs to detonate. Once you've used the dragonator on him, use as many cannons and ballistas as possible until he falls.

Stage 2

Repeat step one with jhen going slow motion in movement and timing attacks according to his.


16. Caedeus

Imagine a leviathan times sized ludroth and you would get the picture. like most giants it's attacks are

very slow. My tips would be to get the strongest dragon long sword you can and destroy it with spirit blade

attacks, since it's so big you can constantly abuse level red. when he turns red you can go up to the

dragonator and crack his horns for extra damage. during the time i used jho armor with a dark claw demise

and did two dragonates before he died. so trust and know that before you get to HR 100, you will spend a long

time fighting him.


17. Alatreon

Imagine something strong and fast as a jho that can use all elements. in that case you will get this beast.

grab an ice lance then head out to take him down. lancing there isn't a real way to defend except counter

counter and counter again. like a barioth in predictability he has the health of an elder dragon and is worthy

of the name. however i favor the gun method. this involves using the "clusting set". look up on youtube for details

but it basically puts ala to sleep to bomb his horns to get sky peircers and then quick as possible sprint

to the ledge. at this rate all must shoot as much clust into his wings as *** possible. this prevents

him from flying and will put him down on the ground from damage to a vital before he can rip apart

the ledge with his horns. it all depends on how much damage you can put onto him before he either

flys or rips apart the ledges on both sides. you could also put him to sleep and keep bombing him but

this rarely works because you just need so much sleep shot even in lvl2. you can paralyze it but this doesn't

help much since each time you status him, it works less and less. to the point where at first it will take 8 shots

and then it would take 20 lvl2 shots. which is why people usually focus on damage. the best armor for

this would have to be the one with the highest def and fire resistance. mostly you get hit by his fire attacks

however ala armor has the highest def of all and works great agaisnt any element. along with heat

and cold cancel its the everywhere armor that works as a great trophy and crown collecting set that won't

status to anything, will protect you forever, and will fill anyone with envy.