This is such a good game. Just started getting back into it. A word of advice to the reviewer: just because there is an actual challenging game out (one of the few) and you are not good at it does not make the game merit a 7. This game can be a little frustrating a times but I prefer that to same boring games coming out these days. I have played every battlefield and Call of Duty (for days and days and days) and can safely say I won't be getting either of the new ones. They are the same thing over and over plus any idiot can play them. They are way too easy (multiplayer too). This is a truly challenging game with a learning curve and no boo hoo let me turn down the difficulty because I suck that's not archaic that is classic. Games are way way too easy these days. Also, the game would be ruined with auto aim are you kidding me??? The only real complaint I have is that there should be more monsters although the technology of the wil was probably limiting. Hopefully a new one with come out for the 360. It does annoy me that Japan has it for the 360 and we don't.