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Grow a pair you are just too used to being able to set games on easy.

This is such a good game. Just started getting back into it. A word of advice to the reviewer: just because there is an actual challenging game out (one of the few) and you are not good at it does not make the game merit a 7. This game can be a little frustrating a times but I prefer that to same boring games coming out these days. I have played every battlefield and Call of Duty (for days and days and days) and can safely say I won't be getting either of the new ones. They are the same thing over and over plus any idiot can play them. They are way too easy (multiplayer too). This is a truly challenging game with a learning curve and no boo hoo let me turn down the difficulty because I suck that's not archaic that is classic. Games are way way too easy these days. Also, the game would be ruined with auto aim are you kidding me??? The only real complaint I have is that there should be more monsters although the technology of the wil was probably limiting. Hopefully a new one with come out for the 360. It does annoy me that Japan has it for the 360 and we don't.

  • This would be the best user review for MHTri I have red, it's very true, if you are looking for a game where you autolock stuff and button mash attack for 3 seconds to find yourself victorious, then rinse and repeat for 8hrs and gaze at the ending display, this game IS NOT for you.

    This game takes persistance and patience, go at it like you would any modern FPS, especially expecting them to baby feed you everything on the game (item combination and skill proper usage), and you will be "frustrated" in less than an hour.

    I have never played a MH game before this one, and I played this one for 8hrs non-stop on the first day I bought it, I kept playing it offline until the very end of offline mode, and then went online, a very different beast once online, but I felt the inital guide-through on the offline mode, was very well made and helpful.

    This baby is more in the order of the hundreds of hours to get to the point where you are satisfied, more monsters would've been great, more areas would have been great, but I think it is the very best game on the WII, people complaining about the map are those who probably blindly went straight for the online part, it is better than the offline, but in the offline you can get to carefully know the areas and most of the mosters without being the party member that f@cked up the mission for 3 more ppl.

    The controls are the best I have seen on a game like this, combat on other grind games is always too simplistic from PSO to Diablo, the actual depth at which you can go on combat for these games is not significant, here you have the exact opposite, controls are very very responsive, but require some getting used to, the weapon you use determines how you move, if you can block, if you want to knock out monsters or just cut them. It's a matter of knowing what you can and can not do like every other game, but here you have a completely different gameplay according to the weapon you choose.

    The 3d environments here are awsome, the most outstanding graphics on WII yet, the areas are not your hallway tipe of stages, you will see passways, shortcuts and areas unreachable from certain locations, where have I seen that before? hummm, oh yeah I remembered!, in real life, sorry if the maps are hard, but that is part of rea life, do you get into a new neighborhood instantly knowing locations on everything you need, I doubt it, and since in this pseudo-universe you dont have google maps and your iphone, hahaha you are going to either put your brain to work or take a map on every quest you take online hahahahaha.

    Collision Detection on attacks is great, I am not kidding you, if your sword comes in an upward slash from right to left and you have a monster in front of you, you will hit first whatever part of the monster is on the upward right to left path, not because you are standing to the right of its tail it means it will connect on the tail, if the right leg of the monster is in the way you will hit that and that was the impact for that swing, dont expect your steel sword to become a jedi lightsaber, you will damage what you hit first, it you button-mash the guts of a monster you wont break its feet nor chest, so all these people saying the hit detection in MHTri sucks, is because they fail to realize that they suck on hit positioning.

    Camera issues?, yeah!, maybe when you are running like a headless chicken from a monster, but when you are standing your ground against any foe instead of running like crazy from it you will notice the difference I am sure hahahahaha.

    I highly recommend this game if you dont mind the grind to become the badass hunter you want to be, if you are not into Diablo, PSO, PSU or games that take hundreds of hours to master (I do mean every weapon and armor), then this wont be a good game for you.