Monster hunter tri is the first 3rd generation monster hunter game to be released and I personally own 3 games Monster Hunter Freedom 1, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and obviously Monster Hunter Tri. Now I’ll start with the positives, first the interaction of the monsters for instance if you haven’t noticed herbivores like the Aptonoth and Popo act irrationally when a large monster is in an opposing area. Point 2 the shout outs online that you can save to say quickly and edit to suit what you would say. Another area which MHT thrives in is online the open ended ability to register friends, warp to them, and the messaging system. This than brings me to the negatives I’ll start with my last positive the messaging system. If your friend is in a quest your message wont go thru which annoys me personally I believe that you should be able to leave messages as you send them but I didn’t make the game. Also you can’t keep messages they are all deleted when you exit online and it should leave the action of deleting them to the player. Now to another negative unfortunately is the limits on how many shout there are down to 10 it is antique but just more would be better. That is all i have to say about the game and although there are the negatives the positives just compleatly out way them to make it an uterly amazing game.