Monster Hunter Tri-as hands down one of the greatest games out there for Wii owners,

now saying that-this title is not for casual gamers just looking for fun and easy games that you can beat in a week or so. This game is really more for the hardcore audience who dont mind a bit of a grind.

When you first start off(I recommend doing singleplayer first,rather than skipping to multiplayer)

It can be a little over-whelming,and the menu's and inventory are honestly not very well explained,and you cant expect to be great at this immediately. Each weapon requires practice and skill to get good at,and each has its own combo's and play-styles. The game begins easily enough,however getting to the good stuff can be a grind,its only when you hit the 3 star quests that things really begin to pick up. You dont rank up by earning xp,you do so by completing available quests and vanquishing bigger and nastier monsters. You upgrade by making armor and weapons from the monsters you defeat. This however isnt as simple as it sounds-as I stated before this games a bit of a grind,and requires a bit of endurance. To get that new shiny set of armor made from that nearly un-beatable sea dragon or fiery dragon will require you kill it-again,and again,and again,most of the better armor sets will require you kill the same monster 6 to 10 times,and gather other resources such as certain ores,or other smaller monster parts to complete the set. Weapons are a bit easier,but some materials will be harder to grab than others. The monsters themselves are marvelous to behold,and the animations are very well-suited to the monsters being portrayed,however some act similar to others in terms of basic motions such as slithering along or chomping at you. Other than that theyre all totally unique,and the environments look pretty good. On your first run the monster youve chosen to square off with can take forever,or you may just downright fail,this can be discouraging as Id sometimes fail within several hits from victory because I ran outve time(however your usually given plenty of time) This is NOT a game where you can just charge in and slash away,facing these baddies requires a mixture of knowledge of its moves and habits,weaknesses,skill,and preparation. But once you beat that massive foe-it brings on a sense of accomplishment felt like in no other game Ive played. This can be helped with friends,in Monster Hunter Tri's stellar multi-player,say goodbye to friend codes,as you meet up with random groups of people(max 4)and join in quests to battle ferocious bosses and climb ranks-facing off against monsters is made easy and just as satisfying as slaying the beasts in singleplayer. The multiplayer even has a fully functioning friends list,chat-room,and private messaging system. If you have an internet connection and your Wii's connected to it,this is the best of Wii;s multiplayer hands down. This game as TONS of replay value Once I fell the monster however,no matter how many times Ive failed or succeeded in killing it before,I felt a rush of pride and satisfaction as it writhed in its death-throes or whent to sleep within my trap,and collected my rewards. This rush,is a key reason you should try this game,however its not for everyone,as it requires patience and persistence.

All in all I consider this a stellar Wii title thats better than most console games out there,however it does require a bit of learning 'till the fun is truly had,and the multiplayer is spectacular.

Sorry if I did a bad job on this,this is my first review,thanks for reading!!