Your hunting a sea herbivore. You see your prey and sneak closer and closer, it doesn't take inretrest in you. Just when you take out your gigantic buster sword that can rival Cloud Strife's you hear the battle theme music come on. You look to your left to see a giant leviathan glaring at you, moving ever so closely. It dashes at you, and you don't have the weapons to fight the moment, so you swim away in a frantic moment of intense fear.

Above is a moment that you experience in Monster Hunter Tri, very exilhirating to say the least. Though the game is exciting it is frustating at times. You often find yourself dying after hours of fighting a monster and preperation, but the fights are so hard it makes it feel very epic and heart-pounding. I will also note that there is no lock on, which increases the difficulty greatly but in a good way. The game contains great graphics for the Wii and has beautiful scenery. I love the musical score. There is plenty to do in town and weapon and armor upgrading is very addictive. I enjoy the games humor too, like the wierd cats, funny gestures, and just overall humor. The action is reminiscent to Phantasy Star Universe and Online, but much more in depth, exhilirating, and takes more skill to do right.