I had never even heard of monster hunter titles before this one, but I saw an IGN add for it and decided to look it up. The concept instantly made me want it. I pre-ordered the game after about a week of thinking about it, and trying the demo. I could not have been more satisfied with my purchase, but if you are going to try this you MUST use the classic controller pro. wii remote controls are just messed up to say the least. Although not much explaining as to the gameplay and controls is given, learning the game proves to be an enjoyable experience. Monster hunter wikia, and other players online will help you figure things out. I would think twice about getting this if you don't have internet for your wii. Online play is what makes this enjoyable. I spent about 4 hours offline and have spent about 69 online... need i say more? If you like combat-based RPG's I would strongly recommend checking this game out. Although it has a few minor flaws, this is my favorite wii game to date! (that and the contra games)