"Spotty" is not a strong enough word for the collision detection.  its pretty terrible.  The graphics however are The Very Best that the Wii has right now (My opinion, Nintendo Channel's Opinion on Wii, Legend of Zelda team's opinion, etc.).   CAPCOM saw an oppurtiunity to market an extremely popular franchise on an untapped audience, the "hardcore game desiring wii owner."  This game was a bone thrown to a very hungry dog.  Still, one game can't save a system.

I have to question the standards, if there are any, that Game Informer's reviewing staff applies to games.  This game, lauded for the reasons stated above, is rated in the same level as The Conduit at 7.  Meanwhile, the Game Informer staff rates Madworld as a competitor with Mass Effect 2, Bioshock 2, GTA IV?