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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Brings The Hunt To iOS

Monster Hunter fans will be able to unite on iOS devices soon. Today, Capcom announced that 2009 PSP game Monster Hunter Freedom Unite will be available for iOS later this summer.

As the trailer below indicates, the game has been updated with optimized visuals, touch screen controls, and new camera targeting options.

If touch-screen controls aren't for you, Freedom Unite will be compatible with controller peripherals for a classic experience. The cooperative element will also return, supported by wi-fi connection. For more shots of the game in action, check out the image gallery below.

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  • How is this even playable?
  • If the controls aren't terrible I will definitely play this. What I want to know now is what the controller would look like and how it would work.
  • Read about this a while ago. I'm a huge monster hunter fan, bought every installment, but the going back to older games is a waste of time. Each installment has been better than the last, but they need to focus on multi platform with their current games, instead of this.
  • If they bring this out on Android, I'll definitely play it, since I have an Nvidia Shield. That being said, the game is already playable on android with a PSP emulator, and it runs fairly well, so I would be fine either way.

  • As cool as this seems I don't feel to good about the controls. They look a little weird.

  • I am crazy and stupid enough to play this on my iphone (without the dinky little gamepad :P).

  • its going to be basically unplayable on a phone

  • This sounds like a horrible, horrible idea... I think I'll stick to Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on my 3DS, while waiting for 4.