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Mario, Luigi, And The Legend Of Zelda Costumes Revealed For Monster Hunter 4

Nintendo held a Japanese Nintendo Direct conference for Monster Hunter 4 this morning where it revealed that fans would be able get Mario, Luigi, and Link costumes and armor for themselves and their Felyne comrades.

Monster Hunter 4 has not yet been confirmed for North America, but it is releasing on September 14 exclusively on 3DS in Japan. Historically there has been a significant gap between Monster Hunter's release in Japan and North America, so hopefully we will hear more about a western release soon.

According to a translation from Siliconera, the Mario and Luigi Felyne costumes will be through Japanese 7-11 stores. The Link armor, shield, and weaponry pack will be available as DLC.

For more on Monster Hunter 4, you can head here to see the game's most recent trailer. You can check out the full Nintendo Direct presentation for Monster Hunter 4 below.

[Via: Siliconera 1, 2]

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  • Omfg.

  • That charge and jump stab with the lance at 15:10 was awesome! I'm excited for the game!

  • I hope they bring the Zelda armor DLC to MH3U on Wii U.

  • thus nintendo dlc truly began

  • F*cking awesome!

  • Now THAT is low, Nintendo! The old, "Mario All Stars" move again!?! Like when you let EA put horribly animated (more like "lazily mocapped" - they looked like people in suits) Super Mario, Super Luigi and Princess Peach (the Mario All Stars) into SSX On Tour/NBA Street? Or let them put an absolutely hideous version of Little Mac into Knockout Kings or Fight Night... some year? You KNOW we all like to see this kind of stuff, especially when the cameos MAKE SENSE (like with Link appearing in Soul Calibur 2). DANG IT! THIS ONE MAKES SENSE!

    Urrrgh. I hate knowing that I'm being manipulated, but jeez is it working here ;) If/When Monster Hunter 4 comes out here in the West, I will almost definitely pick this up for my 3DS just 'cuz of Link. Let's be honest here; this kinda move? That's a pretty big indicator that MH4 will come to the West, and that Nintendo + Capcom have a plan to ensure more western gamers pick it up than any of the previous versions. Evil, but brilliant.

    You know what would be really rad though? You have more than one hero like this, Nintendo - where's costumes based on Xenoblade's Shulk, or Fire Emblem's Marth? You get items from all 3 series' in there, and you just sold this to every Nintendo fanboy on Earth.
  • What this game really needs is a Western release.

  • Mod

    The first picture is really creepy. The Link costume looks really great,though!

  • Needs western release. :)