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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Check Out Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate's Battle Trailer

Capcom Unity posted a Monster Hunter Ultimate trailer that shows off cooperative monster slaying on Wii U and 3DS. The video also highlights a sand serpent battle that should make Lost Planet 2 fans smile.

Game Informer's Tim Turi recently played both versions of the game. He also put their cross-platform functionality to the test. Give his hands-on report a read to find out what he thought.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is scheduled to hit stores shelves and the Nintendo e-shop on March 19. Is this game in your future?

[via Capcom Unity]

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  • This game looks fun and has "stunning HD graphics". It will probably help bolster some sales for the U.
  • Monster Hunter Freedom Unite was the game I've put the most time into (over 200 hours) besides WoW. This game will be amazing. I wish it was online for the 3DS. I guess I'll have to find a support group so I can find someone who will play with me.
  • I only played a PSP demo, and felt this game is nice but not so fun playing alone, but for the MH3Ultimate I would get it, it looks awesome and fun, it reminds me of the Phantasy Star days on my DreamCast :'-)

  • The demo is missing the meat of the game. Dragon's Dogma had the same problem with their demo. I want the full experience to make a judgement call on this one. btw, I disliked the dragons dogma until I bought it. Awesome game!

  • Haven't ever played Monster Hunter before, but wow, the footage was impressive. Anyone know if stuff like that is in the core game?

  • I might jump into the series with this game. It seems to be similar to Phantasy Star Online, and it could make for a decent 3DS game. I'm worried about the control layout though, for the single stick handheld. Monster Hunter is infamous for "the monster hunter claw" in the PSP versions (using the stick to move your character & the dpad to move the camera, resulting in a mangled mess of fingers where your left hand should be); if that control layout is still used for the 3DS version, I'll just skip this again.

    EDIT: Apparently there's FINALLY a target lock on in the game, judging by Tim's writeup linked in this article. I'm good then! This will play just fine on 3DS! It's about f#*$ing time, Capcom!

    EDIT again: Wait a minute. That trailer says online play is for Wii U. For 3DS, it just says, "Take the Hunt anywhere". Is there no online play for Monster Hunter Ultimate on 3DS!?! I'm back to skipping it then!
  • Cool.

  • No 3ds online play??? ffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu