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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Check Out Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate's Battle Trailer

Capcom Unity posted a Monster Hunter Ultimate trailer that shows off cooperative monster slaying on Wii U and 3DS. The video also highlights a sand serpent battle that should make Lost Planet 2 fans smile.

Game Informer's Tim Turi recently played both versions of the game. He also put their cross-platform functionality to the test. Give his hands-on report a read to find out what he thought.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is scheduled to hit stores shelves and the Nintendo e-shop on March 19. Is this game in your future?

[via Capcom Unity]

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  • The sand serpent (can't remember its name) was also in Monster Hunter Tri. The fight is simultaneously awesome and incredibly frustrating.
  • Yes! I can't wait to play this game!

  • I recently was watching two of my friends play MH3, it looked pretty good and people looked hyped for this game, but can anyone explain why then Monster Hunter Tri got a 7.0 on GI? I've not really played so maybe I don't know, but it would be great to know if I want to purchase this down the road.
  • This trailer was on 3DS eshop AGES ago... But yeah. The game looks amazing.

  • i always found these games to be confusing?
  • I love monster hunter but I'm not going to get a Wii U just to play a game that has (by what I've seen in the trailer) 1 new monster and 3 old ones with new colors. I would for the other next gen systems but not this one. I regret buying a Wii so bad. Only decent games I ever played on it was Zelda twilight princess and Monster hunter tri. I wonder if capcom will keep making Nintendo monster hunter exclusives or if they will start making them for PS4 since it will be more much more powerful so they could make a much better game (I didn't say nextbox because xbox isn't popular in japan and that's mostly the only place that matters when it comes to sales on this franchise).
  • Oh hell yes. I hope I'll have people to play with this time around.

  • Yes it sure is. MH series is my favorite series next to the souls series! Love these games!

  • "Stunning HD Graphics!"..........LMAO. I actually laughed at that
  • looks good

  • only game on the wii i want
  • *Caroline, if we're not already mutating monkeys into Tyrannosaurus-Rex/Pterodactyl crossovers, I want one yesterday!

  • My body is ready!

  • Does that whale look kind familiar to any Phantom Pain fans here?

  • I sure do love Monster Hunter!!

  • This needs to come out for ps3, been waiting for it ince monster hunter 1 for ps2 :( best game out there.

  • Jhen Mohran is not a sand serpent he is an elder dragon. Sigh

  • as sweet as it looks n dispite how much i wanna love it ... i just don't like the combat , i tried the demo for it and it feels the same as the psp game i grabbed for vita not long ago  and i just ..don't like it :(

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