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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Cross-platform Fun With The Wii U And 3DS

The Monsters Hunter series is a roaring success in Japan, but can never quite seem to gain the same footing in the U.S. Despite this, Capcom continues to support its niche Western fanbase by bringing the latest entries overseas. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will be available on both the Wii U and 3DS, supporting cross-platform play. Ignoring graphical and performance discrepancies between the 3DS and Wii U, each version of the game is identical. Players that purchase each version can swap their save data between their home console and portable system, as well as link four 3DS units with a Wii U for local co-op action.

The Monster Hunter series is all about joining up with friends to take down huge beasts, recovering resources from their bodies, using it to create awesome new gear, and repeating the process. My brief hands-on time with the game was par for the course. I controlled the action with the Wii U GamePad, watching the TV as I wandered around a hub town. A mixture of UI information is spread across the TV and GamePad screens, and you can move each meter and menu between them for a custom view. Want a clean look at the action on the TV? Move all the UI details to the GamePad screen. The same applies for the 3DS’ upper and lower screens. 

My fellow 3DS-wielding adventurer and I eventually meet up at the quest bulletin board. He’s posted a mission, which I accept. We’re hunting a gigantic dragon across the wiles. Venturing forth into the next zone, we immediately stumble upon a gigantic red dragon. The beast spits fireballs, flails its massive tail, and flies around the environment when we engage it in battle. A new targeting feature allows me to keep the camera fixed on the creature as it soars out of view (especially useful on the 3DS). My ally and I lay gigantic bear traps and sinkhole hazards to impede the creature. We focus our attacks on the tail, eventually severing the appendage and negating one of its attacks. The dragon begins limping and drooling, indicating that it’s fighting spirit is waning. The dragon sulks off to another zone, and we take the opportunity to cut some scales off its severed tail, which may be useful for crafting later.

Back on the hunt, we follow the dragon’s path towards a new area filled with local fauna. The dragon tries to recover its stamina by eating the surrounding animals, prompting us to kill all its potential meals. We continue wailing on the beast, and a few health potions later the thing is dead at our feet. The huge beast yields several more dragon scales, which can be combined to make some tough red armor for future hunts.

The formula is simple yet satisfying, and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate’s doubled bestiary is sure to keep addicted hunters coming back for more. The prospect of taking your game on the go with your 3DS and seamlessly swapping over the big screen via the Wii U is also tempting. Capcom says online play will be available with the Wii U, but that the 3DS version is limited to local play. The JRPG grind may not be for everyone, but I like the idea of bringing my 3DS to a friend’s house and helping them quest while they game on their Wii U. 

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  • Tim, so far I have loved everything you have posted tonight and appreciate you working late to provide it all. Be sure to get some sleep soon.

  • Tim Turi why are you still at work go home man its like 4 in the morning.

  • Holy crap, Tim. I made fun of one of your other articles, but you're an article writing monster right now.
  • Ah Monster Hunter: The series I could never get into and one that all my friends tried to convince me to play. :P The way it interacts between both platforms is a nifty idea though. Did Sony do it first though?
  • Originally, I was just planning on the getting the 3DS version, but I'm starting to think I may grab the Wii U version and get my girlfriend the portable version for her 3DS, then we can still play it together.

  • I'm DEFINITELY getting the Wii U version as I enjoy playing Monster Hunter more on a larger screen. My buddy is getting it on his 3ds though so he will be able to come over and game with me and we won't have to hook up 2 consoles like we used to do with Tri when he came over. I really wish this game series would be as huge here in the States as it is in Japan because it is the perfect game for actually playing together, you try to be a hero and go crazy on these monsters alone and you're done. I can't wait to bust this out, what sucks it that once this arrives I won't have time to play the other great games coming to Wii U over the course of the next few months....sad I'm already getting a backlog on a new system.

  • This and pokemon y are the only real reson im getin a 3ds right now (and here comes fan rage for a bunch of games im not interested)
  • Awesome.. now that we know this can be done, make 4 Swords wiiU!!!

  • Wow, I might actually get this game. At first I was wary, but you convinced me Tim. I'm gonna have fun killing monstrous beasts soon.

  • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is going to be great! There's a demo coming to both the Wii U and 3DS's eShop next week. I highly suggest trying it for anyone who has been wanting to get in this series, or hasn't heard of it before.

  • I cannot wait for this game! It will be amazing.

  • can't wait to play this. Kind of bummed that you can't play wifi on the 3ds version though. I'll definitely be picking it up for the wii u at least.
  • Can't wait for this game!!!!!!!!

  • Mod

    id get it but the local play thing for a college student is just bleh.

  • Sounds awesome.

  • More Wii/Gamecube games should get HD ports to the Wii U to help fill in the release schedule this first year. Xenoblade, Last Story, Pandora's Tower, Earthseeker (which wasn't localized for the West at all), Baten Kaitos, Fragile Dreams, Phantasy Star Online Episodes ! + II, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Zack & Wiki, Red Steel 2, No More Heroes 1 + 2... there are a ton of games that deserve a shot at retail stardom that didn't get it on the Wii. Nintendo and it's 3rd parties would be smart to load up on HD ports now, and ACTUALLY SUPPORT THOSE GAMES WITH MARKETING the second time around. I'm glad Monster Hunter Tri is doing this.

    Is it too much to ask for Phantasy Star Online 2 coming to Wii U though? If I'm going to play a game about joining up with 3 friends or strangers, traveling to exotic lands, battling monsters and grinding for loot, I'd like to do it with a MAG floating up behind me ;)
  • wii u version or 3ds version...darn!

  • I am SO in love with this game. That feature they explained in the first paragraph is just awesome. If I had enough money, I would buy both copies. Unfortunately, only one will be coming into my home... The torture has now begun. Decisions, decisions.