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  • Blog Post: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Review

    I've never played a Monster Hunter game prior to this one except a one time10-30 minute romp with the old PS2 version. I considered buying MH3U for quite awhile due to the fact that I wanted a good, lengthy game on Wii U and also because most people said this was an amazing game. The game went on... More
  • Blog Post: The Ultimate Hunting Experience

    NOTE: I originally wrote this as a blog post, but have now added it here since GI finally added a review. In 30+ years of gaming, I have had the honor of playing a host of memorable games that I can look back on and say, “That was one hell of an experience”. Everything from The Legend of... More
  • Blog Post: Is monster hunter the game for you?

    Monster Hunter 3 ultimate... I could honestly go on for hours about this game and how much I Enjoy it... but I'll try not to rant for days. Where to begin... I am going to write this review for new players because If you like Monster Hunter at all chances are you already own this title or plan to... More
  • Blog Post: This is going to be BIG!

    After having a rough time with the demo, I've been pleasantly surprised at how fun and deep this game is. After a few hours of doing basic tasks and getting to know my weapons I am ready for some big hunts, and while I haven't played online yet, I can tell you that this game is going to be a... More
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