Monster Hunter 3 ultimate... I could honestly go on for hours about this game and how much I Enjoy it... but I'll try not to rant for days.

Where to begin... I am going to write this review for new players because If you like Monster Hunter at all chances are you already own this title or plan to get it anyway.

For New Players:

What is Monster Hunter: Simple answer, long explanation... Monster Hunter is a game where you play the role of a hunter who... wait for it... Hunts Monsters! That is the basic premise of the game anyway. So like I said simple answer but there is more to it. The game is actually more about how you hunt them. Let me say this is not a hack and slash dance all over the place quickly destroying everything in sight game. This is more of a game of patience, timing, and preparing. You don't just go into a fight and attack hoping to kill it quickly (Though that does work in the beginning), some monsters take upwards of thirty minutes to kill while others only take 5 minutes, it all depends on what monster you are hunting. You also don't want to go into a fight without healing items and food or you will run out of stamina and be unable to dodge.

Weapons: There are 12 different weapon types to choose from and each has VERY different controls. From the fast but weaker Sword and shield to the slow but powerful Greatsword, to the middle of the road switch axe. Each weapon has its own strategies, weaknesses and strengths. For Instance while the Great Sword is slow, but it deals heavy damage on each hit, and has the advantage of being able to block while the switch axe is capable of strong, quicker hits. It cannot block and leaves you open for attack on occasion. There are also ranged weapons such as the bowgun or bow that hunters can use. You are also not limited to one type you can use them all, however you can only equip one on a given hunt you can't switch out mid hunt.

Hunting: Almost all of the quests revolve around hunting a big monster; from the Great Jaggi (think a big Raptor) to a Rathalos (Dragon) to the Gigginox (Weird creepy leach poison thingy). The monsters all have a life of their own and behave very differently. The idea of the game is to while fighting a monster, you study it's moves, learn it's attack patterns and animations, learn where the safe place is and when to attack it's weak spot. All monsters have an enrage mode, where they become faster and more dangerous this is denoted by them usually breathing steam or other effects on the monster. You can risk attacking, but you will also be open to more damage during that time. The real skill of the game is remembering how a monster acts, when to attack and when to run like hell. There are something like 50 big monsters to hunt, which means 50+ Suits of armor (explained below), combine this with 3 different levels of difficulty makes about 150 different suits of armor.

Powering up: The game doesn't have levels, it doesn't have stat's like Str, Dex, Int, etc... it doesn't have anything along those lines. Your power is derived from three things.
1. Weapons - As you start to kill monsters you carve them and gain monster items. For instance killing a Great Jaggi gives you Great Jaggi Hides, Scales, and Claws. You use those pieces of the monsters to craft weapons and armor. You will also need ore and minerals you can get from mining and gathering.
2. Armor - Same with weapons you will need monster pieces to make a set of armor. Every monster in the game (And I mean every) has an armor set. There are HUNDREDS of pieces of armor to collect and they all look like the monster you killed it's amazing how much detail and time they put in the armor. Each piece of armor has a defense value, as well as certain abilities. The Jaggi armor for instance increases attack and negates some stun effects, while make you more susceptible to fire attacks. Another Armor set gives much better defense, but lowers attack. They are all different and you will have to fight the same monster over and over again to get the pieces needed, sometimes a dozen times, and that can be a bit of a drawback for anyone who doesn't like a bit of grind. In fact it can be downright annoying trying to get that ONE item you need to create that final piece of armor. But to some, that's the fun of the game
3. Skill - It's rare that power comes from skill, but the more times you fight a monster the more you will learn and memorize its abilities. The faster you will be able to kill it and get loot. When I started it used to take me 15-20 minutes to kill a rathian... with the same weapons and armor it now takes me 10.

Story: if you're playing the game for story, I have a simple solution. Don't. The story is barely existent, it is not the point of the game, and it's not even told very well. The story is there just to have a reason for you to fight certain monsters, other than that you can ignore it.

Online: the game is playable online, and many argue it's the only way to play. You can join up with up to three other hunters on the Wii U or the 3DS (they are cross compatible) and hunt monsters together with friends or strangers. The community is often nice though there are some elitists that can ruin your day, just shrug them off and find a better group of folks to play with there are plenty of rooms where experienced hunters will help newer ones. After all we WANT more people to play the game... so Capcom will give us more of them. Personally I don't play online in the beginning, I like to get my bearings first in the single player so I'm more prepared for online, but not everyone does that and you don't really have to. I would suggest at least learning the basics though. Once you can fight and kill a Barroth on your own you are about ready for online.

Controls: You can use the Gamepad, the Classic Controller Pro (from the Wii) or the Classic Controller U. Personally I prefer the gamepad, it allows you to use the touchscreen for item usage, as well as display the map and various other things and you can customize it to your liking. If you don't like that the Classic Controller Pro is also a good option as it offers a normal controller feel, it is worth noting that even when using the CCP or CCU, you can have the gamepad be your side with the touch screen part still enabled.

Everything Else: The game has Hunting, Gathering, Combining of items, really amazing looking creatures, awesome armor and weapons, and beautiful scenery (some will dispute that). It's REALLY hard to tell if you will like the game because it's not a game that has a middle of the road feeling. You either love it or hate it and it's not like many other games out there. It is difficult, but not impossible.

I am a monster Hunter fan, To me this game is perfect in almost every way, but I know for a fact it is not for everyone. If you have doubts give the demo a try it gives you a feel for the combat of every weapon. But keep in mind the demo is only ¼ of the game.

Things it has:
Awesome monsters
Cool armor and weapons
Interesting Gameplay
Beautiful Scenery
Silly Characters

Things it doesn't have:
This is not a free exploration sandbox world. These are set maps.
Not an easy hack n slash game, you need to be patient and learn your weapons as well as the monsters your fighting
A good story... not that it needs it.


I give the game a 9.25/10...I wanted to give the game a 10/10, but it isn't perfect, the story is laughable, the grind can be a bit long sometimes, and the game doesn't do much to try to get new players to play it. It has somewhat of an MMO feel which can be a downer to many... killing the same big monsters over and over again trying to get that last item you need, it can get irritating... but for some reason you just keep trying one more time... and when you get that item it's an amazing feeling... and it's that same feature that keeps me wanting more.