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Hunting is addicting

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is a grind of a game but the satisfaction that you get with each monster kill is well worth it. This is my first Monster Hunter game and I must say I was impressed by how fun it is at times. For my first time playing the series it can be overwhelming at times on what to do but once you get the hang of everything it becomes natural. I would highly recommend watching videos before playing as to know the basic things to do in the game. The gameplay is not the best but that is sort of the point, slow animations cause for learning the right stratefy for each monster. When hunting monsters it can be extremely intense and fun when your trying to beat a difficult monster. Grinding monsters to gain new weapons and armor is great once you get the weapon you have been trying to get for a while. The visuals are decent for this generation but still could use a lot of work. The replay ability of the game is enormous, with there being well over 100 quests and being able to redo quests online also. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is a great game and will keep you entertained for well over 100 hours. The gameplay and grind of the game make each new weapon and monster kill more satisfying than the last. It is safe to say that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate wont be the last Monster Hunter game I will play.