After having a rough time with the demo, I've been pleasantly surprised at how fun and deep this game is.

After a few hours of doing basic tasks and getting to know my weapons I am ready for some big hunts, and while I haven't played online yet, I can tell you that this game is going to be a runaway hit here in the states.

So far I've been offline bagging small game, and learning to use the Hunting Horn's unique buffing combo system, which is really great!  It plays a little bit like World of Warcraft where you have to time cool downs and manage the use of heals or items, but with a controller.

The Wii U Gamepad is made for this and is completely customizable to your liking.  The things you can do from your gamepad really help you understand why a touchpad is such a great feature for future consoles.

I hate to complain about this because the game does look nice, the only thing it could have done better is recreate the graphics for the HD Wii U, but that is a minor point in what I think will be a big hit for all Wii U owners.

They already have DLC support and are offering unique rewards for completing some quest a lot like Treyarch's Weekend XP bonuses.  This title couldn't have come at a better time.