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  • Blog Post: The Game's on Monday, But is it Worth Watching?

    Monday Night Combat's certainly grown in popularity. But is it worth the praise? And was the original as good as everyone makes it out to be? Well... I think you can guess by the score how that's going to go. Okay, disclaimer -- I generally detest DOTA/MOBA games with a furious passion. It's... More
  • Blog Post: Great

    I loved this game its good if you have a team that knows how to balance out classes dont choose the same classes as your teamates and you will win great tower defense game More
  • Blog Post: A Limited But Extremely Fun Game

    Monday Night Combat provides the best and the worst of online combat. If most of the players on a team choose to be the assassin, the game will suck. If a six man team has three assassins, they will lose nearly every time. If there are more than two medics on a team, that team will be a huge disadvantage... More
  • Blog Post: Great win your winning

    8.25 First of this game is 15.00 a steel when you think about it... actually not relay this game isnt pixel junk monsters but its no Black Ops either. This game wins buy combining tower defense and 3rd person shooters but fails by only having 2 modes and only one where you playing against someone instead... More
  • Blog Post: Monday Night Combat: Professional Sports Never Killed So Good

    MNC is not Team Fortress 2. Unfortunately, that seems to be the obligatory disclaimer required for any discussion of the game, as there are some particularly rabid fanboys who have latched onto the cartoonish art style and class gameplay like an alien facehugger to a human skull. Monday Night Combat... More
  • Blog Post: An underrated game.

    Monday Night Combat is so much better than a lowly 7.75. The graphics are fine, and the many ways to engage enemies are numerous. The best part is that it has three ways of playing with other people: 1. Play split screen and online at the same time- or by yourself. Play over xbox live in an escort kind... More
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