Monday Night Combat's certainly grown in popularity. But is it worth the praise? And was the original as good as everyone makes it out to be? Well... I think you can guess by the score how that's going to go.

Okay, disclaimer -- I generally detest DOTA/MOBA games with a furious passion. It's not because I dislike the idea, the idea itself sounds great, but the execution and balance issues and communities that build themselves around such games always frustrate me to an extent where I just can't stand it. MNC almost avoided that.... almost.

A lethal hairdryer. How did you managed to make that be boring? HOW?

The main flaw is that I just don't think the game appeals to either audience enough. I'm not even going to try to brutalize this game in a review... it's just boring, the worst kind of game to review. The mechanics work like a DotA game but play like a third person shooter... and that really doesn't seem to be that fun. Honestly, just go buy yourself a copy of Forge. It's only five bucks more and has way more potential, plus there isn't an annoying commentator blaring in your ear.

The tower defense style co-op mode Blitz is interesting at first but not nearly as many people play it and it's actually worse balanced than the standard MOBA mode Crossfire. In fact, I 'd go so far as to say this game feels rushed, like there was a deadline and they were originally hoping for it to be the MOBA version of Team Fortress 2. But the fact is, you can't take the team out of the fortress and you can't take the irritating favoring of rushing out of MOBAs.

Ironically, the it's this woman and her blue counter part that seem to have the most personality. And I'm not referring to their overt busts.

From a technical standpoint, it even has issues of feeling rushed. This game's been out for years yet it will crash whenever I enter then exit the option section at any time while playing. So in order to tweak any settings in the game, I have to let it crash and reboot the game. I thought we were in the 21st century.

There are better options out there for those looking for alternate third person shooter style games (Forge, Warframe) and alternative MOBA games (League of Legends, DOTA 2), so just skip this game -- it was worn out before half-time.

Expect to see this loading screen -alot-.