Monday Night Combat provides the best and the worst of online combat.  If most of the players on a team choose to be the assassin, the game will suck.  If a six man team has three assassins, they will lose nearly every time.  If there are more than two medics on a team, that team will be a huge disadvantage in terms of firepower.  This game's problem comes from too much dependence on the rest of the team.  Another problem occurs when friends player together.  Often, the friends who play together are level 96 and 92.  The game would normally put them on different teams, but doesn't because they are in a party.  The highest level on the other team might be a 78.  Occasionally, matches become extreme blowouts where the MVP of one side is 20 kills, 10 assists, 4 deaths, and the other side is 5 kills, 2 assists, and 15 deaths.

Keep in mind, however, that when teams works together, the matches are some of the best I've seen online.  I still remember some of my best matches: 30 kills, 13 assists, 4 deaths.  23 kills, 6 assists, 2 deaths.  20 kills, 8 assists, zero deaths.  I can remember certain parts of matches.  Assassinating a medic who was healing a Tank, making him almost invincible.  After killing the Medic, my team was just able to kill the Tank and save our Moneyball.  Another one of my absolute favorite things about Monday Night Combat is the variety of strategies.  Some teams have a pair of Medics healing Gunners or Tanks as they march toward our Moneyball.  Having a Medic set up his turret in a hard to reach place near the other team's base, killing all the bots that cross its path.  Staying defensive and building turrets until overtime, then sending all the players forward. 

This game is a small offering, especially compared with games like Halo: Reach or Call of Duty: Black Ops.  However, the maps are all different and enjoyable.  Sure, they look similar, but so do football fields.  Plus, free DLC updates do come along.  These updates have provided two maps (one for Crossfire, one for the Blitz), tweaking of characters to make the experience more even and enjoyable, new costumes (only on Valentine's Day, sadly), and more.

Admittedly, the game outside online is not much fun.  There are two maps and six different 'missions' for Blitz, a turret defense game that pits the player against bots.  There is local multiplayer, but it is only two player.


However, for anyone with $15 dollars to spare, this game is a must buy.