8.25First of this game is 15.00 a steel when you think about it... actually not relay this game isnt pixel junk monsters but its no Black Ops either. This game wins buy combining tower defense and 3rd person shooters but fails by only having 2 modes and only one where you playing against someone instead of bots. The first mode Blitz is where there are 2 Bot spawning points and 1 money ball you and your teammates will work together to fend of all of these bots. The bots getter bigger stronger faster and come in bigger waves throughout each round. On the 10th round though the bots get sheilds and such. you dont have to do this alone though you can buy turrents with the money you earn. You can also use this money upgrade your character. The other mode which theres to teams the hotshots and the icemen. you copete to kill each others money ball. I enjoy this mode better than Blitz but wish they had a mode more focused on killing eachother rather than prtectiong your bots so that they can go terrorize the other teams money ball. Variety would of been nice but ill take this game perfectly for what it is.