Monday Night Combat is so much better than a lowly 7.75. The graphics are fine, and the many ways to engage enemies are numerous. The best part is that it has three ways of playing with other people: 1. Play split screen and online at the same time- or by yourself. Play over xbox live in an escort kind of game mode that forces you to coordinate attacks with your friends or teammates. Playing this game was a great joy, and I will play this for a very long time. The maybe only one major problem is a slight unbalance in the classes. The class system is much like CoD. After every game, you gain XP and money. Use money to buy your custom classes, but the default classes are just fine. To the point, (Sorry) the gunner class is very difficult to kill- you can't assassinate him as an assassin from behind without your assassin upgrades up to the max. BTW in game you gain money for killing enemy robots and enemy players, which you use to upgrade your character in-game. The most infuriating and unfair thing about the gunnery is that you can't assassinate him while he has deployed his chain guy, and it is hard to kill anyone without using assassination moves. (Perhaps the best class to counter this class is the sniper.)


The classes are: Sniper- long range and sets traps Can upgrade sniper etc.. Tank- very close range, quite strong, has flamethrower- like gun and rail gun (long range. Gunnery- big chain gun and slam move- can also deploy machine gun and have two miniguns when upgraded. Assassin (My favorite)- close range dagger and samurai sword when upgraded- ninja shuriken gun for range combat. Can use smoke bomb which greatly increases jumping ability for a short while. Support- Healer, heal gun that can also hurt enemies, and shotgun. Can deploy small turret and upgrade it. Assault- most versatile class Assault Rifle with  grenade launcher and jetpack.