Monday Night combat is one true good game. In fact, I think it is one of the funnest online shooters I've played, even as far as saying this game is next to Halo 3. This game is all multiplayer, so there is no campaign.  First, there is Blitz mode. Blitz mode is like Horde mode, etc. You fight waves of robots that get harder and harder. There are five difficulty levels for this mode so you don't play until you die, you play until you get to the last wave or just fail. This mode is fun because you work with three other team members, and you upgrade turrets in order to prevent the bots from getting to the moneyball, which has a shield that must be broken first before destroyed. If this ball is gone, you fail. So, it is pretty fun, but what stands out is the Crossfire mode.

Before we go into that, let me explain some basic moves. Your character has three attacks, which can be used with either the X Y or B button. You can upgrade them two times, so the limit is 3. The upgrades do MAKE a big difference. Grapple is another attack which is explained below. The controls are e


Crossfire mode is the player vs. player mode. It may sound like the ordinary deathmatch but really it has some great twists to it. Robots are to attack the money ball, and in order to get them there, you have to "escort them" by helping kill other players and their robots. But really, people let the robots do the work while you kill the players. :P So each class can recruit a unique robot.  So, on to the classes:


The Assault: A all around character class. He has a powerful charge you detonate, and sets the person on fire. He has a jetpack that will save you from ring outs, and helps you get at a better angle, and also, a charge that can blast the enemy away, and if upgraded, grapples them. Grapple is essentially a grab, which is really powerful. The Assault is armed with a assualt rifle and grenade launcher.

The Gunner: A truely powerful class. He has a a powerful minigun which can be eventually upgraded to a duel mini gun. His attacks include a slam, which blows the enemy away, and can stun and flatten them. Deploy, you deploy into a turret and you're damage is greatly increased. And for B, he has a grapple attack, which is better then some because you can upgrade it.

The Assassin: This is the stealthy class. A dagger or upgraded into a sword is the weapon, as well a ninja star gun. She can stealth, (and if you look closely, the enemy can see you). She also has a smoke bomb which blinds the enemy and if you jump you jump really high in order to get out of trouble. Also, she has a dash attack to get around fast. She is fast. The way to kill the enemy really with her is to grapple the enemy from behind which is a one hit kill. It isn't as easy as it sounds.

The Support: The support is the healer, but can damage too. Armed with a damage/heal gun, and a shotgun, he is all around. He can deploy a firebase which is a turret that can really bring on a beating. Also, he can hack into turrets, to make them powerful, or turn them into his teams. And lastly, a small airstrike. You throw a little thingy on the ground or if you are lucky on the person and a small airstrike will hit the target.

The Sniper: He snipes, of course. Armed with a sniper and a uzi. He can throw a flak bomb, which will hurt the enemy if they get close to it, and it stays there for a few seconds... And thats all I know about him, but rest assured, he is also good.

Now, you can also make a custom class. So you have to pick either of the 5 classes but you choose their sponsors, which are basically the powerups, i.e. Fire rate, Ammo cap, Ability regeneration, etc. Gold, silver, and bronze sponsors, so bronze is the worst, gold is the best.

You have juice in the game, which is from just killing people and bots, etc. When the juice meter is full, you can use it, which greatly enhances your damage, speed, etc for a short time.


Basically, thats it, explained and reviewed. It really is a great game. I highly suggest it.