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  • Embrace The Heist Fantasy

    Pocketwatch Games' long-awaited stealth game doesn't disappoint, offering up an intoxicating mix of careful sneaking and frantic escapes. 

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  • Monaco: What's Mine is Fun

    Keeping this review short and sweet; Monaco is the ultimate battle of wits, patience, and ingenuity. A colorful 2D experience is married to smooth, tactical gameplay. The best part? Bring along up to three friends to rob Monaco blind! Monaco has an interesting... More
  • 'Monaco: What's Yours is Mine,' or The Great Indie Caper

    I love a good heist story. There's something fundamentally satisfying about rooting for the righteous thieves, usually a ragtag crew of specialists, come together and pull-off a dramatic high-stakes operation. Classic films such as Heat , The Italian... More
  • What’s Yours Is Mine


    Set in a modern Monte Carlo, Monaco is a simple and satisfying tribute to crime capers and classic French heist movies.

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